Y&R Short Recap Monday, February 2 2021

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Recap written by Christine

Victor, feeling that the family was splintered, instructed Victoria and Nick to put their differences aside and come to a family dinner. Victoria wanted to repair things with Nick, and he told her to apologize to Phyllis. At the doctor’s office, Mariah found out that she was capable of carrying a child. Chance found out that he had infertility problems, possibly stemming from the time in the hospital, and he wouldn’t be able to give Abby a baby right now. He and Abby decided to look into sperm donation and adoption. Chance got a call from mysterious person from his past. Elena rushed out after spending the night with Devon. She talked to Lola, who told her to decide what she wanted. Elena and Devon decided not to tell anyone about their night together. She wanted to see where things went with Nate, and she didn’t want to ruin Devon’s relationship with Amanda. Nate and Devon were excited Moses would be there in a few weeks. Sharon told Rey that she decided to work with Chelsea. He didn’t like it, but he supported her. Sharon had a short session with Chelsea. Chelsea was suspicious of Sharon and Adam and imagined they kissed. Adam believed that Chelsea’s physical therapy session wasn’t fruitful. Chelsea moved the fingers on her right hand, but no one saw it. Rey found a vodka cap in the couch cushions. Sharon thought it meant Faith and Jordan drank there last night. She called Nick and she called in a therapist. Sharon thought Faith should start therapy ASAP, but Nick didn’t think she was ready. Victoria apologized to Phyllis. Phyllis assumed that Victoria was only doing it because Nick asked her to.

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