Days Short Recap Friday, January 29, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Steve told Shawn that he had proof that Charlie raped Allie. Tripp gave Charlie an envelope. Charlie saw that it was a DNA test. He wanted to know how Tripp got it. Tripp said it was from his toothbrush. Charlie said he knew he was up to something. Tripp said he was looking for something to set him up. Charlie said it wouldn’t stick because it was inadmissible. Tripp said it would make the police do their own test. Charlie said it still wouldn’t be enough because it didn’t happen in Salem. Tripp said they would get more evidence. He said it would clear his name. Ben and Claire talked about Ciara. Ciara kept screaming for help. A guy name Rhodes told her that no one could hear her. She said she was going to do it anyway. Allie told Belle that Charlie was the one who raped her. She said Marlena hypnotized her. Charlie told Tripp that he couldn’t lose Claire. Tripp said he would lose her when she found out he raped Allie. Charlie said he would never hurt Claire. Tripp said unless she turned him down. Charlie said he would make her understand. Tripp wanted to know how he was going to do that. Ben told Claire that he thought Ciara was still alive too. Claire said she wanted to believe it too. She tried to convince him that Ciara wasn’t alive. Ciara wanted to know why Rhodes wanted to keep her there. He said he wasn’t the mastermind. He said it was Vincent. Tripp wanted to know if he was going to rape Claire. Charlie said Claire was special. He said he would never hurt her. He said he cared about her. Tripp thought he didn’t care about Allie. He told him that he needed to take responsibility for what he did. He said he had a son and needed to show him that he could take responsibility for what he did. Ben told Claire about seeing Ciara. He thought she was giving him a sign when he wanted to kill Vincent. Ciara wanted to know why Rhodes was working with Vincent. Rhodes said Vincent was always good to him. She told him that she stabbed Vincent with his syringe. She said he thought she was Wendy until he saw her wedding ring.

Belle and Allie went to see Shawn at the police station. Belle said they were there because of Charlie. Shawn said Steve showed him the DNA results. Allie said she didn’t need the results because she remembered that Charlie raped her. Shawn said he would take her statement. She agreed to make a statement. Charlie told Tripp that he wanted him to go. Tripp told him that he couldn’t run away from what he did. Ben was convinced that there was a psychic connection between him and Ciara. Claire said her grandparents had a connection. Ciara told Rhodes what happened when she ran into him. Rhodes said the car exploded. He said her family believed she was dead. She said Shawn and Hope were cops and Ben would never give up on her. Rhodes said Vincent gave a statement about her being dead. He said her family had a memorial for her. He said her family believed she was dead. She was convinced that Ben wouldn’t give up on her. Rhodes told her that she was right. He said her mother was looking for her even though he sent her to the wrong place. She told him she wanted to go home to her family. She said Vincent’s plan blew up and wondered why he wanted to keep her. He said Vincent still had a lot of money. He told her she could get used to being there. Allie went to see Tripp. She said she gave a statement to the police about Charlie. He asked if she believed him. She said believed him already because she was hypnotized. She apologized for ruining his life. Ciara offered Rhodes money to let her go. He turned down her request. He told her she would be stuck there for a long time. Tripp didn’t know what to tell Allie when she apologized to him. She told him he didn’t have to say anything. She didn’t expect him to accept her apology. She just wanted him to know. Belle told Claire that Allie was in therapy with Marlena and had a clear memory of being raped by Charlie. She said Allie gave a statement to the police and they were probably arresting him. Shawn went to Charlie’s apartment and told him he was under arrest.

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