Y&R Short Recap, Thursday, January 28, 2021

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Recap written by Eva

Gloria asks both Jack and Lauren for a job but they both tell her they don’t have a job available for her. Sharon tells Rey she is considering treating Chelsea and he tells her that he trusts her but he doesn’t trust Adam.¬†¬†Mariah talks to Sharon about being a surrogate for Abby and Chance.¬†¬†Sharon tells Mariah to consider how she will feel when she carries a child she will not raise.¬†¬†Summer subtly warns Sally to stay in her lane or she will tell everyone about the information she found out in Los Angeles.¬†¬†Sally tells Lauren she can’t work on the project with Spencer Publications because she and Wyatt Spencer were in a relationship that ended badly.¬†¬†A bad snowstorm strands Elena with Devon, Jack with Sally, and Kyle with Summer.

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