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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Allie went to Marlena to talk about getting hypnotized. Allie wasn’t sure if she wanted to relive that moment. Marlena said she would be there for her the whole time. Allie said she was sure that it was Tripp, but now it’s Charlie. She said it was a blip in her head. Marlena said they were doing the session so she could be clear. Allie wondered if she didn’t resist as much as she thought she did. She thought she might have gotten herself in the nightmare. Marlena said it wasn’t her fault that it happened. She said it wasn’t about what she did or didn’t do. She said he committed a terrible crime against her. She said she wouldn’t pressure her. She wanted to do what was right for her. Allie said she needed to know what happened to her so she could make him pay. Abby wanted Chad to tell the police that Gwen was the one who drugged her. He said he would do it. He said there wasn’t any point. Gwen ran into Charlie. She asked him if he was the one who attacked Ava. He told her not to believe what she read. He told her about the article he read about her. She wondered what else they had in common. Ben and Claire talked about Charlie attacking Allie. Claire thought that Charlie was sweet and kind. Ben told her that she didn’t know him the way she thought she did. Marlena got Allie ready to be hypnotized. Marlena told her she was going to take her back to her apartment in London. She promised to keep her safe. Abby wanted to know why Chad didn’t think she should get revenge on Gwen. He didn’t think there was a point. She said Gabi took the fall for something Gwen did. Gwen tried to get Charlie to open up to her about why he attacked Ava. He said she was unstable. He said she only had enough love for one child. Gwen reacted when he said that. She told him she knew how he felt because her father abandoned her and wouldn’t admit that she was his daughter. He said she sounded as if she had daddy issues. She said she found a way to deal with it. He said being rejected by a parent makes you do things you wish you never did. She wanted to know what he meant. Marlena asked Allie what she remembered about the night she was raped. Allie told her what she remembered. She couldn’t remember everything that happened. Marlena said she would push her to remember.

Marlena continued to hypnotize Allie. Allie remembered spending time with Tripp. Allie said Tripp was a perfect gentleman. Allie told Ben that Charlie didn’t judge her even when she told her that she spent time in a mental institution. She said he the only one guy who didn’t judge her. She asked if he understood what she meant. He said he did. She couldn’t believe she trusted a kidnapper and a rapist. She said she was stupid to do it. Ben told her that she wasn’t stupid for trusting Charlie. He said she was brave. Chad told her Gabi was back in town. He said he apologized to her for accusing her of drugging her. Abby told him to apologize to any other woman. He agreed to go to the police. He said he would respect her wishes and stay away from her. He said he would never stop fighting for her. Charlie told Gwen that you could become overwhelmed with rage that it would cause you to do things you wouldn’t do. Marlena continued to hypnotize Allie. Allie said she didn’t know what else happened between her and Tripp. Allie remembered seeing Charlie in her apartment. Allie remembered that Charlie raped her. Gwen and Abby ran into each other. They argued over Jack. Ben and Claire talked about Ciara and how they missed her. Allie told Marlena that she remembered what happened. Marlena told her that she would remember what happened when she came out of hypnosis. Abby confronted Gwen about drugging her. Gwen denied drugging her. Gwen said he couldn’t prove that she did anything. She said there was nothing she could do about it. Abby ended up hitting her. Tripp went to Charlie and gave him an envelope. Charlie wanted to know what it was. Tripp said it was proof that he raped Allie.

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