Days Short Recap Wednesday, January 27, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Abby told Anna that Gwen is her half-sister and that was why she was after her. Xander told Victor that Philip was laundering money for the Vitale family. Philip came in and was about to tell him, but it was too late. Victor wanted to know if things could get worse than being betrayed by his son. Philip said Brady was shot. Kristen wanted Chloe to tell her what was wrong with Brady. Chloe said he was shot. Kristen wanted to know what happened to him. She said she heard Chloe said she blamed herself. Chloe said it was complicated. Abby told Anna that she was right about Gwen all along. Anna didn’t understand why Gwen would hurt her or her family. Abby told her that Gwen was the one who drugged her. Tony and Chad met to talk about Kristen escaping prison. Kristen put a gun to Chloe and wanted to know why Chloe shot him. Chloe said it was a mob hit. She said they were after Philip. Kristen wanted to know why Brady was with her. Chloe said she asked him to fix the mess for Philip. Kristen wanted to know what was wrong with her bringing Brady in Philip’s mess. John came in while Kristen had her gun on Chloe. Philip told Victor that the doctor got the bullet out of Brady and he was stable. Victor didn’t understand why the mob would go after Brady. Philip said the bullet was meant for him. Philip said he was sorry. Xander told him he should be. Philip said Xander was the reason why Brady was shot.

Victor told Philip that he screwed up. Victor said he didn’t want anymore lies. He wanted the truth. John stopped Kristen from shooting Chloe. Kristen said she wanted to make sure Brady was okay. John told her she had to leave. She asked him to tell Brady that she loved him. John said he would. She left Brady’s room. Marlena asked if Kristen if she was alright. Kristen said she wasn’t. She said Brady could be paralyzed because of Chloe. She wanted to make Chloe pay. Marlena and Chad told her to think of Rachel. Anna told Abby that Chad messed up because of Gwen. Anna said Gwen manipulated him the same way she did to Abby. Abby understood that but was upset that he believed Gwen over her. Anna told her not to give up. She said Gwen would win if she did. Anna tried to convince Abby not to give up on Chad. Marlena tried to convince Kristen not to risk her life being on the run. Marlena said she would keep Kristen posted about Brady. Philip told Victor that he was in trouble. Victor said he could have told him. Philip didn’t want to hurt him again. Philip said Xander was only concerned about Titan. Victor said Philip was the one who cost him his grandson. Chloe told John what happened to Brady. Tony and Chad tried to talk Kristen to go back to prison. She didn’t want to leave. Chad said time would be added to her sentence. Tony and Chad said they would her. She agreed to turn herself in to the police. Philip told Victor that he wanted to gain his trust back. Victor said he concerned about Brady. Philip asked if he could ever forgive him. Xander wanted to know how to fix the mess Philip did. Victor told him that he should have said something. Xander said he wanted to fix the mess first. Victor told them he would handle the situation.

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