Days of Our Lives Short Recap Monday, January 18, 2021

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Recap written by Suzanne

Philip is worried that the mob is going to kill him, since Xander shut down his shell company (and their money is gone). He needs a place to stay, so Chloe offers her room. Brady doesn’t want her to risk her life that way. They all argue about it. Chloe tells Brady off for trying to run her life. Philip accepts her offer, which Brady isn’t happy about. Meanwhile, Allie comes in to Rafe’s office and learns from him and Nicole that Charlie is out of jail. Rafe suggests that Allie try to remember if she saw Charlie the night of the rape. She has to think about that. Rafe also advises her to stay away from Charlie. Later, Nicole and Allie take the baby out in the stroller to help him sleep. Allie is worried about what he’ll tell Henry one day about his being a product of rape. Nicole suggests she ask Marlena about that, but she says that Allie and Henry are not defined by that one horrible act. At Titan, Sarah arrives, so Xander tells her that he let Philip know that they’re onto his money laundering, and that he deleted the shell company, and that the mob might be after him. Sarah insists they tell the police, despite Xander’s objections. Rafe arrives after she calls him. She says Philip needs protection, but she doesn’t want to go into details. Rafe can’t help without more information. However, he wants to take Xander in for questioning in a kidnapping. Xander looks shocked.

Charlie walks in to his apartment and finds Tripp just leaving (he left his phone there by accident yesterday). He threatens to call the cops on him for breaking in. Tripp tells him that he intends to prove all of his crimes. Charlie ends up telling Tripp about his awful childhood and how Ava ignored him and never loved him. Tripp tells him that he can relate because he had a horrible foster father who beat him. Charlie seems somewhat swayed when Tripp tells him that he’s there for him and that he should confess to the police because they might go easier on him, due to his abusive childhood. Then Steve calls to see where Tripp is, so that destroys whatever bond Charlie and Tripp were developing. Charlie tells him to get out. Meanwhile, Steve visits Ava in her hospital room. They both wonder where Tripp is. She wants to leave to go find him, but he calms her down. He has to let her know that Charlie got out of jail on bail, which makes her worry more. She’s very worried. Later, Tripp comes to visit her. They talk about Charlie. She asks why he was in Charlie’s place, so he tells her that he was gathering evidence for the rape. She wonders why, since she heard Charlie’s confession. Tripp and Steve tell her that it’s not enough. They find out from Ava that she’s the one that sent Charlie to London, to spy on Tripp for her.

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