Y&R Short Recap Monday, January 18 2021

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Recap written by Christine

Abby was devastated to learn that, due to uterine scarring, she’d never be able to get pregnant. Chance, Traci and Mariah were there for Abby and told her there were other options to have a child. Abby wasn’t ready to make a decision. The rest of her reproductive system was fine. Sharon tried to leave Society without Adam seeing her. Victor saw her and told her that not many people should sympathy to Adam. Adam and Victor met, and Victor urged Adam to stay positive and patient about Chelsea. Adam was grateful for what Victor had done for him. Ashley texted Victor about Abby. Sharon brought some books to Adam on long term care and stress management. Chelsea’s nurse brought her home, and she was angry Sharon was there. Adam thought Chelsea knew Sharon had good intentions, and he told her to stay, but Sharon believed Chelsea was unhappy, and she left. Chelsea imagined Adam kissing Sharon, and she made a noise. Adam was encouraged by Chelsea’s attempt to communicate, though he didn’t know what she was trying to say.

Victoria went to Billy’s office to drop off the tablet he left at her place. After Victoria left, Lily theorized that Victoria missed Billy and that she was trying to set up roadblocks for Lily and Billy. Billy didn’t think Victoria wanted him back. He wondered if this was Lily’s way of trying to get out of the relationship with him. She told him she didn’t play games. He was happy to be with someone who was straightforward. Nikki and Victor talked Victoria into going on a work trip to Hawaii, because they thought she needed a break. Nikki asked Billy to watch the kids, and he said yes. Victoria smiled at a picture of herself with Billy and the kids. Billy took Lily ice skating. He wanted her to get to know his kids while he had them during Lily’s trip, and she agreed, but she thought they should introduce her as a work friend. Mariah asked Sharon for advice on being there for a friend without being overbearing.

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