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Recap written by Suzanne

At Forrester, Hope asks Steffy to use her “motherly intuition” to tell whether her baby is Finn’s or Liam’s. Steffy tells her that she won’t know until she gets a paternity test. She hopes it’s Finn’s because she loves him. Hope doesn’t believe her. She tells Steffy to be honest: she’s always loved Liam. Her relationship with Finn is fairly new. Steffy tells her that what happened with Liam wasn’t planned, and she’s so sorry that it caused Hope pain. She doesn’t want to destroy her marriage, nor does she want to lose her future with Finn. She swears that’s the truth. Hope walks out in a huff. At Steffy’s place, Finn tells Liam that if Steffy’s carrying his baby, that his access to Steffy and her house will be more limited. He warns him not to cause Steffy any more pain. Liam looks pained. Liam lets him know that he intends to fix his marriage to Hope, so Finn doesn’t have anything to worry about. Finn thinks that Liam is putting on an act. He gives Liam a hard time. Liam tells him that there’s nothing he can do to change the past. Liam tells him repeatedly that he loves his wife, and he’ll regret what he did forever. Later, Finn drops by Steffy’s office. She tells him that she was just thinking about him. They ask each other how they’re feeling. He tells her that he just saw Liam. He tells him about how he yelled at Liam and his sense of entitlement. He blames Liam for all of their situation and if her baby is Finn’s, than he wants Liam to stay away. She tells him that she was as much to blame as Liam. He thinks that Liam purposely teases her with the possibility of them having a future again. She tells him that she’s so sorry about what happened and that she hopes they can still build a future together. She says that her feelings for him are stronger than ever. She loves him and wants the baby to be his. Meanwhile, Hope goes to Brooke’s house, but Brooke is not around. Hope looks through the mail that’s arrived and then looks at the family photos, including one of her and Liam. She flashes back to Liam apologizing and then telling her that Steffy is pregnant. Liam walks in through the side door. Donna told him that she left the office to go home. He was hoping they could talk. She says there’s nothing to talk about until they get Steffy’s paternity results. She can’t believe they’re here again, with Steffy. He says that he’s sorry again for the way he hurt her. He can see the pain in her eyes, and it’s killing him. He thinks she should want him to suffer, but she doesn’t. She doesn’t want any of what’s happening. She suggests that reconciling isn’t an option if he’s the father of Steffy’s baby. He tells her that he was looking around the cabin, and he loves that they live there and have the messy life there with the kids. He thinks about their precious memories and family. He says that he threw it away in one moment and that he’s never been more wrong in his life because he lost faith in their love. Neither of them knows why he didn’t know that she would never kiss Thomas. He blew them up over a mannequin. He plans to keep saying he’s sorry until she believes it. He hates what he’s done to both her and Steffy. He keeps pouring it on thick about how much he loves her and begging her forgiveness, even though he knows it’s unfair.

In his office, Bill is changing his shirt after working out in his gym when Wyatt barges in without knocking. Behind him is Summer (from Y&R, who’s visiting). Wyatt introduces them as Bill finishes dressing. He’s intrigued by the proposal. She tells him Lauren says hi, and he says hi back as well as hi to her parents. He knows them from when he was “passing through Genoa City.” Ha ha! Bill has great respect for her parents and Victor Newman. Wyatt and Bill thinks the numbers on their deal will work, and Summer agrees. Bill tells her that it was great working with her. She jokes that he’s not scary at all. Bill tells her that she needs to keep that to herself so that he can maintain his reputation. She asks if he’ll be stopping by Genoa City any time soon. He has no plans to, but he adds, “You never know.” Bill rushes off for a meeting. He insults what Wyatt’s wearing as he leaves. Summer says she forgot how much she loves L.A. She brings up Sally Spectra and mentions that she’s interesting. Wyatt agrees. She asks him questions about Sally. He just says that Sally is complicated. She wants to know why Sally left a major hub for fashion to move to Genoa City. Flo walks up and eavesdrops on their conversation about Sally. Wyatt works hard not to bad-mouth Sally. He has to leave for a meeting, so Summer asks if she can stay to make a call. He says that’s fine and tells her that he’s really excited to work with her and Jabot. After he leaves, Flo walks in. She wonders why Summer is asking about Sally and introduces herself as Wyatt’s girlfriend. Summer tells her that she’s a new business associate of Wyatt’s and asks if she knows Sally. Flo says that she sure does. She offers to answer any questions about Sally. Summer says she’s good, but Flo tells her that whatever she knows, it’s probably just scratched the surface because there’s always more with Sally.

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