Y&R Short Recap Tuesday, January 12, 2021

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Recap written by Eva

Abby is dizzy and nauseous, so she takes two home pregnancy tests which are both negative. Abby wants to make an appointment with her doctor, but Chance asks her to wait a few months while they keep trying to get pregnant. Billy apologizes to Summer for their one-night stand and admits that he took advantage of her feelings for him. Summer forgives Billy and tells him they don’t talk about the subject again. Lily overhears the last part of Summer and Billy’s conversation and asks Billy about it later. Billy tells Lily what happened between him and Summer and she is upset and tells him she needs time to think about their personal relationship. Once they have rested and freshened up from their flight, Summer calls Wyatt Spencer and sets up a meeting so she and Kyle can talk to him about Jabot collective and Sally. Amanda talks to her biological mother Naya who tells her she got pregnant in college and it was a mistake. Naya explains that her parents were religious so she carried the babies to term and Rose could only take care of one of the babies and her parents didn’t tell her what they did with the other child. Naya also tells Amanda that her father died in a car accident. Imani arrives and Naya finally tells her the truth about Amanda and Hilary.

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