Days Short Recap Wednesday, January 13, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Jack and Jennifer told Julie that the twins were missing. Julie wanted to be with Eli. Abby wanted to know why Gwen wasn’t out of the house. Chad said the kids didn’t get a chance to say bye to her. Abby didn’t care. He said they loved Gwen. Abby was willing to let the kids say bye to her, but she wanted her gone by the time she came back home. Eli tried to get Lani to think about the kidnapping like they were cops. She didn’t think she could do that. He asked her what it said about someone who kidnapped their children in broad daylight. She said they were desperate for a baby. He said someone might want to get revenge on them. She wanted to know why. He said they arrested a lot of people. She said it would be worse if someone took the babies out of revenge because they wouldn’t take care of them. Abby went to see Jack and Jennifer. She wanted to talk about Gwen. Gwen told Chad he had to come up with a better reason to get her to stay. She said she would tell Abby that they had sex. He warned her that she wasn’t going to ruin his life or marriage. He wanted to know what she wanted from him. Julie went to see Lani and Eli. Julie wanted to know what she could do to help. Eli said the police were all over it. Julie was going to make the person who took her grandkids pay for what they did. Jack and Jennifer told Abby that Gwen was trying to turn them against each other. Abby was glad that it didn’t work. She said she was happy that they were back together. Jennifer said that awful time was behind them. Abby said she hoped she and Chad could say the same. Jennifer wanted to know what was going on. Abby said Gwen was trying to come between them. Chad told Gwen he would buy her a house, but she wasn’t interested. He said he should have told Abby the truth. Gwen said he didn’t. She said Abby might go back to the loony bin forever. She said the kids would grow up without their mother and he would have to live with the guilt forever. He said he and Abby have been through too much to let a con artist tear them apart. Gwen said to find a way to let her stay permanently or his marriage was over. He told her she was disgusting and walked away from her.

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