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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Allie confronted Charlie about raping her. Charlie told her Tripp raped her. He said Tripp’s DNA matched Henry’s. She said Rafe told her that he was Tripp’s half brother so he could have raped her too. Nicole told Rafe that she wanted to talk to Ava. He told her that she wasn’t herself. Tripp tried to talk to Ava to get her to talk about Charlie. Steve came in and wanted to know how it was going. Claire told Marlena that she was going to find Charlie because she wouldn’t tell her anything. John came in just as Claire was about to leave. She said she wanted to know what was going on and Marlena wouldn’t tell her. He said he told Marlena not to say anything. Claire wanted to know what was going on with Charlie. John told her that he and Steve thought that Charlie was the one who hurt Allie. Steve told Tripp that the police were questioning Charlie. Tripp said he would get the truth out of Charlie. Steve told him to hold off on that. Tripp said people in the town treating him like he was a monster so there was no way he was letting it go. Charlie told Allie that he didn’t remember her. She told him she didn’t remember Tripp on her when she was raped. He said it was because she was drunk. She asked why she remembered the other part. She asked if it was because it was. Claire didn’t believe that Charlie raped Allie. John told her Tripp had a younger brother named Charlie. He said Angelo described him. Claire said there was no way Charlie raped Allie. Marlena said Claire could help them get to the truth. Claire said they didn’t want to get to the truth. She said she finally found someone who liked her. She asked if she was supposed to find a bunch of Charlies who wore glasses. John told her Charlie was at the police station. Claire told them she wasn’t going to let them ruin her relationship. Tripp told Steve that he wanted to go after Charlie because he let people think he raped Allie. Steve tried to stop him from going. Nicole wanted to see Ava. Tripp let her see Ava. Allie told Charlie that he was Henry’s father. Charlie said he wasn’t his father. Allie said he had a son. She asked if it mattered to him.

Nicole went to see Ava. Nicole confronted her about Charlie raping Allie. Ava said she wanted to help her son. Allie asked Charlie if he wanted to see his son. When Charlie was about to say something to Allie, Claire interrupted so she could talk to him. Claire said she needed time alone with him. Rafe went to talk to Shawn and Belle about Charlie and the accusations against him. They were shocked when they heard the news. Shawn went with Rafe to the police station. Ava told Nicole that Tripp was a good boy. Ava told her that Charlie stabbed Tripp. Nicole said she was hallucinating. She wanted to know what else Ava remembered. Ava said she remembered something else he said. Charlie told Claire that it felt good to hear her call him her boyfriend. She said that was what he was. He said he didn’t know what to expect when she came in the room. He said it meant so much to him that she was still on his side. She asked if any of it was true. She wanted him to tell her that he wasn’t Ava’s son. He said he wasn’t. He said it was a misunderstanding. Claire said Allie kept saying that he looked familiar to her. She wanted him to explain that. He said he didn’t know. He said it didn’t mean he attacked her. He said he didn’t do it. He said he was a good guy. He said he would never hurt somebody like that. He said she had to believe him. He asked if she did. He told her Tripp’s family wanted him to be innocent. While Charlie was trying to convince her that he didn’t do it, Shawn came in and took Claire out of the room. Nicole asked Ava what else she remembered about Charlie. She said Charlie admitted to raping Allie. She said he begged her not to say anything, but she told him she couldn’t be quiet. Nicole asked if that was when he tied her up. Ava wanted to see Tripp. Claire told Shawn that Charlie didn’t do it. She said he wasn’t a match for Henry. Shawn asked her to explain why Ava was tied up in his apartment. Charlie told Rafe that he wasn’t answering his questions. Rafe said his lawyer was on the way. He said he would answer his questions. Allie met up with Nicole. Nicole said Charlie admitted to his mother that he was the one who raped her.

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