Y&R Short Recap Monday, January 11 2021

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Recap written by Christine

A snowstorm forced the Jabot jet to make an emergency landing, stranding Billy, Lily, Summer and Kyle in rural Colorado. Billy and Kyle bickered, and Lily noticed. While the men went out to look for a hotel, Summer and Lily talked about being happy in their relationships. Summer thought it was nice to see Lily in love. Lily said she and Billy weren’t putting labels on things. Summer mentioned that she was once attracted to Billy a long time ago, and Lily took it in stride. Billy and Kyle came back reported there were no hotels for miles, so they’d have to spend the night on the jet. Amanda talked Naya into meeting with her. Amanda promised she’d never contact Naya again after she got the answers she needed. Naya followed Amanda back to Genoa City, so that her husband and daughter didn’t find out about Amanda. Chloe visited Chelsea at Adam’s invitation. Chloe apologized for pressuring Chelsea. Through blinks, Chelsea signaled she was ready to put that behind them. Victoria complained to Nikki about Victor running back into Adam’s orbit. She was sure it was just a matter of time before Adam turned on Victor. Nikki saw the tension between Nick and Victoria.

Nick told Nikki about Victoria trying to take the hotel. Nikki didn’t approve, but she wanted Nick to move on, since everything worked out. Nick made it clear his loyalty was to Phyllis, and he said Victoria was turning into Victor. He accused Nikki of dealing with Victoria the same way she dealt with Victor. Kevin told Phyllis that if she blackmailed Victoria, she’d just be hurting herself in the end. He said he’d made the incriminating flash drive disappear. Nick told Phyllis how he supported her during his talk with Nikki. Phyllis felt lucky to have Nick. Faith was angry when she saw Adam because he was supposed to be leaving town. She told him she and Sharon didn’t care about his feelings and that Sharon had moved on with a great guy. Faith texted Jordan and asked if they could meet.

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