Days Short Recap Tuesday, January 5, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Abby wanted to know what Chad would have done if he knew Gwen was lying. He said he wouldn’t have gotten drunk and stayed at the Salem Inn. Abby asked where Gwen was. Gwen said she was with Chad. Abby asked if she spent the night with her husband. Steve and John confronted Angelo. John asked if he raped his granddaughter. Angelo didn’t know what he was talking about. Angelo told Steve to call off his guard dog. Steve said John’s granddaughter was raped and wanted to know if he did it. Steve said Allie had a baby and it matched his DNA. Angelo said it wasn’t him. Steve said Tripp didn’t do it. Angelo said Tripp’s DNA matching meant he did it. Steve said Tripp didn’t do it. He said a relative did it. John asked Angelo when he was in London. Kayla talked to Marlena about Steve believing Tripp was innocent. While they were talking, Kayla brought up that Ava was missing. Marlena asked if anyone knew she was missing. Kayla said it was as if she vanished. Tripp posted a flyer of Ava up at the Pub. Roman told him he couldn’t do it. He said h didn’t want the flyer up. He said Ava didn’t deserved to be found. He wanted Tripp to go out of town the same way she did. Gwen asked Abby if she was asking her if she slept with Chad. Abby asked if she did. Gwen said she spent the night with him because he was drunk. Abby said she was coming to his rescue. Gwen asked if she would rather have left him alone. Abby said she wanted her to explain why she told Chad she kissed Jake and why she told Chad that she booked the room. She also wanted to know what other lies she was telling. Gwen told her she would tell her the truth, but she wouldn’t like it. Allie showed up while Marlena and Kayla were talking. Kayla left them alone. Allie told Marlena that she was out with Claire and thought about the night she was raped. Marlena asked if something triggered it. Allie said she was with Claire and her boyfriend. Allie asked if that might have triggered it.

Angelo told John and Steve that he wasn’t in London. He wanted to know what happened. Steve told Angelo that Tripp took Allie home and was a gentleman. Angelo said he wouldn’t have done something like that. Steve said he had someone try to kill Kayla. Angelo said he thought Kayla killed Ava. He said it turned out to be his son. While he was talking, he said he wasn’t in London. He said he was in jail in December. Steve and John didn’t believe him. He said they could check and they would find out. Gwen told Abby that she saw Jake and Kate kissing. She said Jake threatened her if she said anything. Abby wanted to know what that had to do with her. Gwen continued to tell her why she said the things she said, Abby didn’t believe her. Abby said she knew why she was lying to her. Abby thought Gwen was trying to go after her husband. Abby asked if she took advantage of her husband. Gwen asked if Chad felt like he was taken advantage of. Angelo told John and Steve that Ava’s other son could have been the one who raped Allie. Chad told Abby that he wasn’t taken advantage of. He told Gwen that she was manipulating them with their half-truths and lies. Gwen said she was sorry he felt that way. Abby said sorry wasn’t good enough. She said she wanted her out of the house. Allie talked to Marlena about Tripp and Charlie looking alike. Roman was upset that Tripp told him Steve and John were working together to prove that he was innocent. Angelo told John and Steve that Ava didn’t mention her other son because Ava and her son weren’t close. Steve told John that Ava’s son would explain the DNA results. John wanted to know about her son. Angelo said his name was Charlie. Abby told Gwen she was fired. Gwen said she couldn’t do that. Abby said she did it. Gwen asked about the kids. Abby said they would get over it. Gwen wanted to know if Chad felt the same way. Abby said he did. Gwen wanted him to answer for himself. Abby told her to stay away from her kids and her husband. She said she couldn’t believe she thought they were friends. She told her she better be gone by the time she got back. Steve asked Angelo where Charlie was. Angelo said he left a little while ago. Steve and John wanted more information. Angelo said he wanted to look for his cousin. Steve said he wasn’t leaving until he told them what they wanted to know. Angelo wanted him to move out of the way. Chad told Gwen that she lied to him about everything. She said it didn’t take much for him to believe it. He said it would crush Abby if she found out the truth. He told her he wanted her out. She said she wasn’t leaving. She said to convince Abby that she was staying. He wanted to know how he was supposed to do that. She said he better make it believable or she would tell Abby that he decided to bed her to ring in the New Year.

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