Y&R Short Recap Monday, January 4 2021

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Recap written by Christine

Arturo spent some time with Sharon, Rey, and Mariah before the flight to Miami. Faith came home hungover, but she explained it away as tiredness. Jordan invited Faith to a party. No parents would be there. Faith pretended she wasn’t allowed to go, because she had family stuff to deal with. Adam learned that by the time Chelsea got to the hospital, there was damage from the hemorrhage was done. She’d had a stroke, and she was paralyzed on her right side, and she couldn’t talk. She was unconscious and she couldn’t have visitors, because there was a risk of infection. The doctors weren’t sure whether she’d recover or get worse. Adam tried to pull some strings to get in to see Chelsea, but he failed. He called Victor and left a message. Connor called Adam. Adam didn’t divulge Chelsea’s dire condition. Phyllis and Nick enjoyed their night together, and he liked waking up with her in his arms. She wondered if he was thinking about marriage. He didn’t think he and Phyllis should get married. He loved her, but they’d already tried to do traditional route, and it didn’t work out. She agreed they didn’t need a piece of paper to confirm how they felt about each other. She told him Adam had been at the wedding. Phyllis gave Nick the impression that she might do something underhanded to get the money to pay him back. She assured him she wouldn’t do anything to jeopardize the hotel. Sharon overheard Elena and Nate talking about Chelsea’s condition. She told Rey. He didn’t want her to reach out to Adam, because he was worried Adam would lash out at her, but he supported her making her own decision. She decided not to get involved. Elena and Nate talked about her feelings. She wanted to continue to see him, but she wanted to take it slow. He agreed. They decided on a dinner date tonight. Adam insisted that Chelsea had to make a full recovery. Elena wanted Adam to adjust his expectations. She hoped Chelsea would recover with therapy, but there were no guarantees. Sharon and Rey said goodbye to Mariah and Faith. Sharon let Nick and Phyllis know about Chelsea.

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