Days Short Recap Wednesday, January 6, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Ben went to see Marlena. He said she was the only one he could turn to. She wanted to know what was going on. He told her he still saw Ciara. He said she was still with him. Marlena told him Ciara was still with him. He told her he felt better when he was sleep because he was with Ciara. He said he was going through the motions when he was awake. Marlena told him that most people who were grieving were going through the same thing he was going through. She suggested he talk to Claire. John told Steve that Charlie was in Salem. Steve wasn’t convinced that Charlie was the one in Salem. John told him Charlie wore glasses and was clumsy. Steve didn’t think that was enough. John said Charlie was good at math and worked at Titan. Steve still wasn’t sure that he was Charlie. Nicole talked to Rafe about Tripp. Rafe told her Tripp changed. Nicole didn’t care about the changes Tripp made. Rafe brought up that Ava was missing. Nicole thought he would be happy if Ava wasn’t found.

Rafe thought Nicole was trying to say that he wasn’t working hard enough to find Ava. Nicole said she didn’t hear anything from him when she asked him to look for her. He said there wasn’t a lead on Ava. Steve asked John if he thought Charlie was Claire’s new boyfriend. John said they had to go back to Salem to find out. He said if it was true, he didn’t want Charlie near Claire. Allie overheard Tripp saying that someone else raped her. She confronted him about it. He said one of his relatives might have raped her. She didn’t believe him. He asked her if she remembered seeing him hold her down. Nicole apologized to Rafe for accusing him of not doing his job. While they were talking, they talked about Eric and how she talks to him every night. John called Marlena and told her Tripp had a half-brother. He told her he thought Charlie was Tripp’s half-brother. Tripp asked Allie what she remembered. He asked if she remembered his hands, face or voice. He told her she didn’t have to answer. He said he wouldn’t bother her again. He said when John and Steve came home, his lawyer would talk to her lawyer. He apologized and left.

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