Days Short Recap Wednesday, December 30, 2020

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Will went to see Jennifer. He realized she was hoping he would be someone else. He told her how sorry he was to hear about Jack and Kate. She wasn’t sure what to do about her marriage. Will advised her to work on her relationship if she wants to be with Jack again.Gwen let Chad believe Jake bought her bracelet for Abby. She told him how she saw them kissing. She let Chad think that Jake wanted her to keep quiet about it. She lied and said she kept it from him because she didn’t want to be the one responsible for breaking up their marriage. Chad was prepared to kill Jake. Jack talked to Kate about Jennifer. She thought it was funny how he gave Jennifer an hour glass, but she said it was a good sign that she took it. Jack didn’t know if she threw it away like she did with their marriage. Jack kept drinking and planned to enjoy himself at the party.

Abby confronted Jake about him sleeping with Kate. She explained all of the proof she had that he was sleeping with her. He finally admitted he was having an affair with Kate. He wanted to know what it meant to her. She wanted details from Jake. She decided to tell Chad about them, but he didn’t want Chad to know. She wanted him to know since he thought she was sleeping with him. She was about to go home so Jake followed her. Philip spotted Chloe at the NYE party and was about to talk to her when Brady sat with her. Philip wondered how Kristen would feel about him being with Chloe. He told him how he was out with a friend. He left Philip to sulk. Chad and Gwen arrived at the party. He went to Brady and Chloe to ask if they saw Abby. They let him know she left with Jake. Gwen told Chad how she overheard Abby book a room at the Salem Inn. Chad was livid and downed a drink. He walked away while she smugly watched him. Jennifer arrived at the party and saw Jack with Kate. He assured her that nothing happened with Kate. He admired the way she looked. She wasn’t going to go to the party, but she didn’t want to lose any more time with him. She decided to forgive him since it’s a new year. Jake and Abby couldn’t find Chad at the mansion. He decided to go back and give Kate the head’s up about what was going to happen. Chad and Gwen went to the hotel room. They saw rose petals on the bed. Chad left his phone behind while he searched the room. Gwen picked up the phone and declined an incoming call from Abby. Chad took a bottle of champagne and waited for Jake and Abby to show up. Jack and Jennifer rang in the new year with a kiss. Brady and Chloe gave each other an innocent kiss. They didn’t know Philip was watching them. Gwen kissed Chad. She backed away from him, but he pulled her in for a deeper kiss.

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