Days Short Recap Thursday, December 31, 2020

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Abby let Tony and Anna know how she couldn’t find Chad. She told them how he thought she was having an affair with Jake. She told them Kate was sleeping with Jake. They were shocked Chad would think something like that. Anna thought Gwen was why he thought that. She said Gwen was trouble. Abby tried to defend her, but she thought about the first time they met. Anna let her know how Gwen was playing her all along. Anna thought Abby should search her room for proof. She wanted to talk to Chad instead of Gwen, but he didn’t answer his phone. Anna thought Gwen was the reason why Chad didn’t answer his phone. She wanted Abby to go with her to check Gwen’s room. They searched Gwen’s room. They found clippings of Abby and her family. Anna wondered why Gwen was stalking her family. Gwen stopped kissing Chad because he was drunk. He said he was fine and wanted to kiss her again. She didn’t want to talk about it or tell anyone about it. He talked about Abby cheating on him with his brother. He thought she would just blame it on the DID. He became suspicious as to whether her illness was real at all. He thought his wife might be a liar who cheated on him. He wanted to know why it was okay for Abby to cheat on him. He wondered why he couldn’t cheat on her. He asked Gwen to help him forget what Abby did. Gwen made it seem like she didn’t want to hurt Abby. He reminded her what Jake did to her. She told him how Jake hurt her. Chad wanted to pay them back for what they did. They kissed each other. She wanted to make sure it’s what he wanted. He wanted her to make him forget. They ended up lying down on the bed.

Chad passed out. Gwen was proud of herself for what she did. She thought it would have been harder to get Chad in bed, but his lack of trust made it easy. She mentioned how he betrayed Abby and their marriage could only take so many betrayals. She got out of the bed and noticed how Abby called Chad. She didn’t answer it and said he was too busy to talk to her. She promised Abby would find out soon enough. Jake told Kate how Abby knew about them. She thought Chad would hate her for being with her. He felt they shouldn’t have to sneak around. He thought Chad should be happy for her. He liked what they had together. He wanted to tell everyone how proud he was to be with her. He wanted to know why it was a problem. She said the situation was complicated. He thought it was because he embarrassed her. She assured him that she wasn’t, but he didn’t believe her. He hoped she enjoyed their last kiss because it was their last one.

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