Days Short Recap Tuesday, December 29, 2020

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Jack talked to Xander about having an affair with Kate. Xander thought Jennifer would understand why he did it. Jack said he should have told her from the start. Jennifer told Abby that she and Jack always broke up when they got together. Jake confronted Gwen about making it look as if he gave Abby the bracelet that was meant for Kate. He said Chad thought he was having an affair with Abby. She was happy about it. He wanted to know what Abby did to her to make her so upset. Brady caught Sarah looking at a laptop. He wanted to know what she was doing. She said she was downloading a file on her laptop. Xander told Jack that he gave him advice on how to get with Sarah. Jack said they were happy. Xander said they broke up again. Abby wanted to know if Jennifer was giving up on Jack. Jennifer told her about the hourglass he gave her. She said he told her he would wait for her forever. Abby said it was true. Jennifer thought Jack was still sleeping with her. Abby said they weren’t having an affair. Jennifer said she had reason to believe he was. Kate told Chad that Jake and Abby weren’t having an affair. He told her he gave her a bracelet. Kate said Jake said the gift was for Abby. Chad said everyone knew it wasn’t for Gwen. He said Jake was sneaking around with Abby. He said Jake was sleeping with someone in the house. He knew it wasn’t Gwen so it had to be Abby. Kate said she had to tell him something. Gwen told Jake that she didn’t have a problem with Abby. She said Abby has been good to her. He wanted her to give him the bracelet. She said she couldn’t give it to Kate now because everyone saw her wearing it. He said she was the reason why Chad hated him. He roughed her up until she decided to give him the bracelet. Kate told Chad that she promised him that she would watch out for Jake. She said he wasn’t up to something. She said she has gotten to know him. Chad didn’t want her to defend him. He wanted her to be on his side. She said she was on his side. She said she didn’t want to jeopardize their relationship.

Jennifer told Abby that Kate made it seem as if she was seeing someone who lived in the mansion. She told her that Julie called her friend and he said Kate could have been with a person named Jack. She said when she and Jack went to see Julie’s friend, he didn’t recognize Jack from the picture. Abby said she was wrong. Jennifer asked who the person could be if it wasn’t Jack. Abby said she knew who it was. Jack wanted to know why Xander and Sarah broke up. Xander said it was because of Philip. Xander didn’t want to get into the details. Jack said he was using him and Sarah as inspiration. Xander told him not to give up on Jennifer. Jennifer realized that Abby thought Kate was sleeping with Jake. Jennifer thought Kate was too old for him. Abby said it made sense. She told Jennifer that Chad thought she was sleeping with Jake. Chad went to see Gwen. Jennifer wanted to know why Chad thought she was having an affair. Abby said it was a long story. Jennifer asked if he accused her of sleeping with Jake. Abby said he did. Jennifer asked if he apologized. Abby said he did, but it was awkward between them. Jennifer told her to tell him what she figured out before it was too late. Abby confronted Jake about sleeping with Kate.

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