Days Short Recap Thursday, December 24, 2020

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Abe surprised Lani and Eli by flying Valerie in to see them. Lani had another contraction. She let Kayla know she didn’t feel strong enough to give birth. Kayla joked with her that humans would die off if men were the ones who got pregnant. She encouraged Lani and said she would be able to do it. Eli was with Lani while she was dealing with her contractions. She eventually gave birth to a boy and a girl. Eli and Lani talked about what happened when she gave birth to David. They felt he was watching over them. Tripp let Steve know he was worried about Ava. Steve thought she might have skipped town. Tripp believed there was more to it than just skipping town. He let Steve know how he found Christmas cards and realized Ava sent him cards every year. She wrote how she wanted to be reunited with him. Tripp didn’t think she would have left since she wanted to be with him. Steve wasn’t sure about it, but kept his opinion to himself. Joey went to see Roman. They started talking about Tripp briefly and decided to change the subject. Stephanie called to check on her brother. He talked to her about visiting her soon. Steve arrived to see if he would dress as Santa at the hospital. He turned down the offer. Lucas arrived at the pub with Allie and things between Steve and Lucas were uncomfortable.

Roman had a video call with Sami. He wanted Allie and Lucas to talk to her too. They were having a good conversation when Roman blurted out Henry’s conception. Sami wanted to know what happened. Allie admitted she was raped in London. Sami realized she didn’t say anything because she would make it about her. Sami would love Henry regardless of how he was conceived. She wanted to know who raped her. Allie told her how Tripp raped her. Sami wanted to know if she was handling what she’s going through. Allie realized they were similar. Allie believed she was stronger than she used to be. Sami let her know how much she loved her and there was nothing she wouldn’t do for her.

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