Days Short Recap Friday, December 25, 2020

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Marlena told John about the gift Steve gave them. He didn’t care about the gift. He was upset with Steve because he defended Tripp. Marlena wanted him to see it from Steve’s point of view. She reminded him how their kids have done some bad things, but they didn’t turn their backs on them. She thought Steve’s gift was a peace offering. She hoped he would see it that way. Steve went to Kayla’s office and told her how he wanted to clear Tripp’s name. He told her about his conversation with Allie. He mentioned how she remembered the rape and saw a hand. She didn’t say for a fact it was Tripp’s hand. He asked her if it was possible that someone else broke in her place and attacked her. Kayla told him how the DNA test matched him. He thought someone related to Tripp assaulted Allie. Kayla wasn’t completely sure, but thought it was possible. John showed up at Kayla’s office with his gift. Steve thought he was giving it back. John wanted to have a drink with his friend. Allie went to see Marlena. She told her about her conversation with Sami. She said Sami wished she could hold her. Allie wished she could too. Marlena assured her how she was there for her. Rafe looked at Ava’s file when Nicole showed up at the station. Nicole saw Ava’s file so he told her about Tripp’s theory about that. Rafe thought Ava left town. Nicole wasn’t sure if Ava would have done that since she found Tripp. She suggested he look for her because it was Christmas.

Tripp left a message for Ava. He wanted her to call him. He opened the door and saw Lucas. He wanted him to pay for raping Allie. Tripp denied raping her. Lucas let him know he would have shot him between his legs if he had a gun. Tripp told him how Allie tried to do that to him. Tripp wanted Lucas to leave. Lucas was about to go when he grabbed a pair of scissors. He was determined to make him pay for what he did. Rafe walked in the apartment and saw Lucas trying to kill Tripp. He took the scissors from Lucas. He wanted Rafe to arrest Tripp. Rafe wanted to, but the rape didn’t happen in Salem. Rafe told him to leave. Charlie tried to feed Ava, but she didn’t care for the food. His phone rang, but he ignored the call. She wondered if it was his girlfriend. He told her how he saw Allie, but she didn’t recognize him. He told her how she thought he looked familiar. Ava warned him that it was a matter of time before she recognized him. She advised him to confess to what he did. He said she never cared about him. He thought she cared about Tripp. She told him how Tripp wasn’t guilty. He reminded her how she was the only one who knew that. He wasn’t able to let her go now. He put her gag back on her mouth. He got a shock when Claire knocked on his door.

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