Days Short Recap Wednesday, December 23, 2020

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Rafe ended up being the person at Nicole’s door. She was hoping Eric was there. Eric called her to let her know he couldn’t come home. He said he was stranded in Ethiopia. After she talked to Eric, she invited Rafe to eat with her. She hoped things would get better for him with Hope. She assured him that someone was out there who would want him. Doug invited Eli to the house for the tree ornament ceremony. Eli wasn’t in a celebratory mood. Doug demanded he be in the mood. He let him know Lani wouldn’t be there. Eli finally agreed to go to the party. Julie did the same thing with Lani. She invited her to the Horton tree trimming party. She wanted to stay home. Julie told her that Eli wouldn’t be there. She refused to take no for an answer. Ben stared at Ciara’s picture when Claire showed up at his new place. She gave him the ornament from Ciara. The ornament had his name on it. She wanted him to go with her to the Horton house to put the ornament on the tree. He didn’t want to intrude on the family. Claire told him how he wasn’t intruding because he was family. He finally agreed to go with her.

The family gathered at the Horton house. Jack gave Jennifer an hourglass. He wanted to turn back time, but he would wait for her. He refused to give up on them. Lani and Eli were at the house. They weren’t happy to see each other. Julie wanted him to talk to Lani. He went over to her to talk. He apologized for losing his temper. She wasn’t happy about the way he handled things, but she knew he was trying to do. He hoped they could get through the rough patch. Jennifer let Julie know how Jack wasn’t with Kate. Julie wanted to know if she could forgive Jack. After Julie talked to Jennifer, she met up with Doug. They ended up seeing Eli and Lani kissing. They were happy they made up. The family started trimming the tree. Ben couldn’t hang his ornament and left. Julie gave Lani her ornament, and she went into labor. Ben came back to the house after everyone went to the hospital. He found Claire cleaning up. He apologized for not being able to hang his ornament. Claire understood how he felt. She knew he wanted to be with Ciara. She gave him Ciara’s ornament and left him alone. He fantasized about being with Ciara again.

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