Days Short Recap Tuesday, December 22, 2020

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Charlie told Ava that she was going to be alone for Christmas. Allie asked Nicole if she was going to be at Marlena’s for Christmas. Nicole said she had a couple of things to do first. Allie wanted to know what she had to do. Nicole said Eric was coming home. Nicole said she wanted to spend time with him. Allie understood. Someone was at the door. Nicole thought it was Eric and answered it. It turned out to be Will. Ava was surprised that Charlie was doing this to her. He said he was taking a page out of her book. He said if someone was a threat to her, she would take care of them. She said she wasn’t a threat to him. He said she was going to tell everyone that he was a rapist. She said Tripp wasn’t going to be charged so she didn’t have to say anything. Charlie said she was still thinking about Tripp. He said she only wasn’t going to say anything because Tripp wasn’t in danger. She said that wasn’t true. She told him that they could celebrate Christmas together. He made her think that he wanted to spend Christmas together. He told her that he was too old for that. He left her to watch television by herself. Will apologized to Allie for lying to her. She told him not to do it because no one knew better than her about Sami and her plans. Allie said Sami got what she wanted since she’s raising her baby. Shawn and Belle got married at John and Marlena’s place. Sami called while Marlena was performing the ceremony.

Belle told Marlena not to answer the phone to Sami. Marlena said she thought she would want to tell her about the wedding. Belle said she wouldn’t tell Sami that she was getting married after what she did with Jan. Shawn told her not to stress because they were getting married. Belle apologized. Marlena turned off her phone and finished the ceremony. Will and Allie showed up when the ceremony was over. Claire introduced Allie to Charlie. Charlie was nervous when he met her. Ava was able to get her wrists out of the ropes. Allie asked Charlie if she knew him from somewhere. He said she didn’t. She said he looked familiar. Charlie said he had to leave because he was sick. Claire told Allie that she wanted her to get to know Charlie. Allie said she had a feeling that she already knew him. Ava got out of the ropes and tried to leave the apartment. When she opened the door, Charlie was there. He asked if she was going somewhere.

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