Y&R Short Recap Monday, December 21 2020

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Recap written by Christine

The judge dropped the charges against Billy. Billy’s request to talk to Alyssa was denied. Billy made plans to surprise Lily with a one day trip to New Orleans to thank her for her support. He visited his kids and told Victoria about the trip. He wondered if Victoria had a problem with him seeing Lily, and she said no. She thought it was best for him and Lily if they took it slow. She told Billy she was in his corner, and she was looking out for Lily too. Billy told Lily about the trip, and she agreed to go. Victoria told Billy that Johnny was upset Billy was leaving town so close to Christmas. Billy promised Johnny he’d be back to see him open presents. Lily told Billy that they couldn’t go on the trip. Jack found out Sally wasn’t going home for Christmas, so he invited her to spend it with the Abbotts. Sally told her sister that she planned to handle Summer, that she thought Kyle was attractive and that she had to watch out for Jack, because he wasn’t one to cross. Sally introduced herself to Sharon. Rey and Lola reminisced about Christmases past. Arturo was coming to town for the wedding, and Lola and Rey were happy. Rey hoped Arturo didn’t bring trouble. Lola offered to keep the peace between her brothers. Rey and Sharon looked forward to her wedding. She felt healthy after finishing her last radiation treatment, and they imagined growing old together. Jordan told Faith to prove she was cool by stealing some vodka from Society. Faith made an attempt, but she couldn’t go through with it. Sharon and Rey, who were unaware of this, agreed that Jordan was a good kid. Summer noticed that Kyle’s emerald tie clip and her necklace were missing. He told her he took his tie clip to the jeweler to be cleaned. She’d lost her meaningful infinity necklace, and she was upset about it. Kyle told Jack he was going to get a special gift for Summer, but he had to throw her off track so she wouldn’t figure it out. Summer went to the jeweler to buy something for Phyllis. She saw the tie clip and the emerald was missing. She reported this to Kyle. He claimed he lost the emerald, but when Summer’s back was turned, he smiled. Jack remembered having Christmas with Dina.

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