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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Tripp wanted to get to know Ava and didn’t want Steve to talk him out of getting closer to her. Steve said he wouldn’t talk him out of it. Steve said he was worried about him. Steve said she was a damaged person. He wanted people to give her a chance and not write her off. Steve reminded him that she was linked to the mob. Steve asked him not to underestimate what she could do. Tripp ended up leaving. Allie showed up and Steve wanted to talk to her. Ava and Charlie argued about Tripp. She reminded him they were brothers. She said they were both her sons. She said he wasn’t Steve’s son, but he shared enough DNA with Tripp to mess with the paternity test. Charlie denied raping Allie, but she didn’t believe him. He knew she believed Tripp because he’s Steve’s son. He said he went running whenever she needed him. She said she loved her sons equally, but he didn’t believe her.

Charlie told Ava that he wanted a relationship with her. He said that was why he wanted to work with her. He said she sent him to look out for Tripp. She demanded he admit he raped Allie. He finally admitted he raped. She couldn’t believe he would force himself on a woman. He didn’t mean to hurt Allie. He messed up and felt bad about it. He asked Ava not to tell anyone what he did. She said she wouldn’t sacrifice Tripp’s reputation for him. She said Tripp’s name needed to be cleared. He told her things were going the way he wanted them to. He said this was her chance to make it up to him. He said she owed up. While he was asking her not to say anything, Tripp arrived. Philip ran into Victor at home. Victor asked him about Sarah. Philip pretended to act as if he didn’t know what he was talking about, but Victor knew he was using Sarah to get to Xander. Victor wanted him to stop feeling threatened by Xander. Philip said he wasn’t threatened by Xander. Philip said Xander wasn’t the reason why he was doing what he was doing. He said he was there for Titan and wanted to protect the family legacy. Philip was about to tell Victor something when Maggie came in the room and told them Ava was alive. Victor said he was happy they never had any deals with her so they weren’t targets. When Maggie left, Victor asked what Philip was going to tell him. Philip told him he could run the business. Victor said he was glad to have him back.

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