Days Short Recap Thursday, December 10, 2020

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Jennifer heard Kate’s call and thought she wanted to meet Jack. She confronted Kate about the phone call. She told Jennifer how she wasn’t talking to Jack. Gwen apologized to Jack for the way she spoke to him at the park. Tripp went to see Ava at the station. He assured her that Rafe had to arrest her, but Kayla would come through for them. She didn’t think Kayla would help her. Steve wanted to know if Kayla was going to the station to talk to Trask about Ava. Kayla felt like Ava was more concerned about herself than she was about Joey. He decided to go to the station to see what he could do to help Ava. Gwen was trying to get info out of Jack. He told her how things didn’t go well with Jennifer. Steve went to the station and heard Ava talking about Kayla. He told her to stop doing it. She thought Kayla chose Allie’s side instead of Tripp’s side. Kayla showed up after all and said she needed a lawyer. She brought Justin and Trask with her. Trask said she didn’t have the authority to just release a convicted criminal. Jennifer continued to grill Kate until Bonnie showed up. Jack continued to tell Gwen about Jennifer when Kate showed up. He left so they talked. Kate put her on notice about not being able to trust her. She didn’t want Gwen telling about her being with Jake. She said she would keep her mouth shut about it.

Jennifer talked to Bonnie about what happened with Kate. They changed the subject and talked about Justin. Bonnie hoped she could make Justin feel better about losing Adrienne. Kate and Gwen continued to talk about whether she would tell about her affair with Jake. Gwen kept saying that she wouldn’t say anything. Kate wanted to know what she wanted in return for her silence. Gwen said could keep Jake. Kate suspected that she wanted Chad instead of Jake. Trask didn’t want to overturn Joey’s conviction at first. Kayla and Ava talked her into it. Steve was about to let Tripp know that he had to move out. Jack walked in the room and saw Kate. He didn’t feel comfortable being in the same room as her now that Jennifer knew the truth. Gwen went to see Jennifer with pictures from the kids. Ava was upset about Steve and Kayla throwing Tripp out. She called Kayla out for not believing Tripp after what she did for Joey. She wanted him to stay with her. Steve wasn’t happy about that idea and Kayla wanted to talk about it some more. Tripp was fine with living with Ava. Gwen made it seem to Jennifer like Jack and Kate were still together. Jack talked to Kate about working things out with Jennifer. She warned him about Gwen. He wanted to know what she meant, but she didn’t say anything.

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