Days Short Recap Wednesday, December 9, 2020

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Jennifer saw Gwen having a fit at the park. Gwen talked about destroying Abby and turned around to see Jennifer standing there. Gwen was about to explain herself, but Jennifer didn’t hear what she said. She was concerned about her fit because she took care of her grandkids. Kayla went home and asked Steve if he threw Tripp out. He tried to explain but Ava walked out of the room. Chad asked Abby if she had an affair with Jake. He let her know how it wouldn’t be the first time she slept with one of his brothers. Abby was shocked that he threw that up in her face. She told him how she had an illness and wouldn’t have hurt him. Jack walked in and wondered what happened. Nicole ran into Tripp and couldn’t believe he didn’t go near his son. Tripp wanted to know if it was okay for Allie to point a gun at him. Kayla demanded an explanation from Steve about Ava being alive. He told her Rolf was why she was alive. Kayla couldn’t believe she allowed Joey to be in prison for four years. Gwen told Jennifer how she was upset about what Jack did and how Abby forgave him. Abby had to excuse herself so Jack asked Chad what happened. Chad told him how he accused Abby of cheating on him. Nicole went back and forth with Tripp about Allie. Kayla choked Ava and Steve tried to stop her. She couldn’t believe he needed to have Ava arrested. He tried to explain, but she was too upset to listen. Ava let her know that she could file attempted murder charges against her.

Jack wanted answers from Chad about what happened with Abby. He told him how he kicked her while she was down. Jack blamed himself for Chad accusing Abby of sleeping with Jake. Gwen implied that Jack could still be sleeping with Kate. Jennifer ended up using the bat herself. Ava tried to convince Kayla to drop the kidnapping charges against her and she would help Joey. She wanted Kayla to think about her offer. Nicole talked to Tripp about Ava. He was surprised that she was the only person who didn’t badmouth his mother. She mentioned how she did bad things too. She couldn’t judge Ava because of her actions. He said that she judged him and she let him know he wouldn’t own up to what he did. Kayla couldn’t believe Steve allowed Ava in their house. He explained how he wanted to watch her. Chad apologized to Abby for what he said to her. She said she would forgive him, but she needed to some space from him. He walked off and Gwen showed up. She wanted to know what happened. Abby told her how Chad accused her of sleeping with Jake. Jack found Jennifer and asked her if she was picking up young men. He wanted to make things better between them. Tripp showed up and found out Kayla knew about Ava. Ava came out and said it’s up to her whether Joey would be able to get out of prison.

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