Days Short Recap Monday, November 30, 2020

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Rafe talked to Roman about why he really left town. They also talked about Ciara and why Hope left town. Gabi got a shock when she found Jake with Kate. She couldn’t believe he was with her. He wanted to know why she cared about who he was with and why she was in town. Claire blamed herself for what happened to John. Marlena tried to make her feel better about what happened. Marlena blamed Jan for why he was in jail. Belle talked to John about what happened with Jan. She tried to assure him how Jan and Sami were responsible for his behavior. Abe and Shawn discussed the commissioner position. Abe wanted him to be the commissioner. They also talked about Hope. Shawn was afraid Hope would never find Ciara. Rafe felt bad for not being there for Hope. He hoped she would find peace soon. Gabi got upset at the idea of Kate being with Jake. Kate was about to leave when Jake stopped her. Jake called Gabi out for the way she treated him before she left. She told him that it was a lie. Belle told John that he wouldn’t be at the station if it weren’t for Sami. Marlena walked in while she talked about Sami. She seemed to understand why Belle thought the way she did, but John didn’t see it that he. He understood why she did what she did. Gabi talked to Jake and Kate about what happened when she left town. She didn’t think he would have been in bed with Kate.

Shawn didn’t want to take the commissioner position because he and Belle were going back to Hong Kong soon. Belle showed up to ask if Abe could pull some strings to get John out of jail. He couldn’t do it because the courts were closed. He would make sure his case was the first one. Rafe blamed himself for not being there for Hope during the worst time in her life. Roman tried to make him feel better about leaving. Rafe wanted to find Hope and let her know that he loved her. Jake tried to make Gabi feel better about being with Kate, but she didn’t want to hear it. She wanted him to move to Arizona with her. She thanked both of them for being together so they didn’t have to do it. Kate asked Gabi not to tell Chad about her sleeping with Jake. She said she wouldn’t stop her by telling him. Shawn wanted to marry Belle after the charges were dropped against John. Jake told Kate how much she meant to him. She was moved by what he said and was glad they weren’t just using each other.

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