Days Short Recap Friday, November 27, 2020

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Julie apologized to Jennifer for inviting Jack over for Thanksgiving. Julie said she talked to him and he said he loved Jennifer. Julie asked if she could forgive him. Jennifer said she was thinking about it and understood why he was with Kate. She said she couldn’t forgive him for lying about it. Julie said he lied to protect her. Jennifer said it didn’t justify what he did. Abby apologized to Jack for bringing the letter to the party. She said she apologized to Jennifer. Abby said she was mad at him and wanted him to hurt the way they did. She apologized again and wanted him to forgive her. He said he knew he messed up with Kate, but he made a bigger mistake yelling at Abby. He said he forgave her and hope she forgave him for what he said to her. She wondered if Jennifer would be able to get over it. He didn’t think she would. Kate talked to Jake about Allie. Kate said she was sad for Allie. He said she was fierce and her love would help Allie. They ended up making love.

Roman ran into Rafe. Rafe told him he was back for Hope. Roman said Hope wasn’t in town. He told him what happened to Ciara. He said Hope thought she was still alive. He asked Rafe about his mother. Rafe said it was a lie. He told Roman his father’s mistake put their family in danger. He said they dealt with the problem once the family was safe. He said his parents were in Mexico and he and Gabi were in Salem. Gabi went to the DiMera mansion. Chad said he thought she was in Mexico. He told her to go back there. She said she was home. He told her she wasn’t after what she did to Abby. Gwen came in when Gabi said she didn’t drug Abby. Gabi said the person was still out there. Gabi wanted to know why Gwen was there. He said Gwen was the nanny. Gabi asked about Jake. Gwen told Gabi not to be surprised if Jake moved on after the way she dumped him and said she used him to get DiMera back. Gabi said everything was a lie. She wanted to know where he was so she could tell him the truth. Gwen thought about catching Jake and Kate together. She told her to try the garage. After her conversation with Gwen, Gabi went to the garage. Abby came in when Gabi left. Chad told her Gabi was back. Gabi found Jake and Kate in bed together.

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