Y&R Short Recap Monday, November 30 2020

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Recap written by Christine

Jill and Nina returned for the wedding. Characters recognized that this wedding would be the merger of three prominent Genoa City families, which caused them to reminisce about the old days. Chance asked Nina to be his best person, and she accepted. Abby had cold feet on her wedding day and locked herself in the bathroom because of all her failed relationships and past immaturity. Mariah and Ashley tried to get through to her, but Chance was the one who convinced her to unlock the door. He told her he knew what a mess he was and he loved it. Jill caught up with Esther and Jack. Nick wanted Phyllis to accompany him to the wedding. She declined because people wouldn’t want her there, but she promised him a night to remember after the event was over. Victor promised Victoria and Nikki that he wouldn’t ruin Abby’s day by fighting with Billy. Victor and Ashley marveled over how well their daughter had turned out. Traci and Ashley acknowledged the late Brad Carlton’s part in raising Abby. Devon arrived to officiate the wedding, and Mariah asked him to stall, since Abby had the jitters.

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