Y&R Short Recap Tuesday, November 24 2020

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Recap written by Christine

Abby and Chance planned their wedding. Devon got ordained to perform the ceremony, and Lauren sent Sally to help Abby with wedding dresses. Mariah felt lonely with Tessa out of town, so she hung out with Devon. Mariah told Devon and Abby she was head of marketing at Jabot. Victor thought Billy shot Adam. He told Victoria that he’d put Adam in a psych ward for his own good. Victoria didn’t think it’d help. Rey revealed that Billy was the owner of the gun that shot Chance. Billy said he left the gun at Victoria’s place years ago. Victoria told Rey that she and Billy suspected Adam was the one who broke into her house a few weeks ago. She theorized that he stole the gun. She’d never thought to check the lock box to make sure the gun was still there. Billy overheard Victoria stand up for him with Rey. Victoria noted there was evidence against Billy. He realized she wasn’t 100% sure he was innocent, and he understood that. He wondered if Adam stole the gun and hired someone to shoot him to frame Billy. However, he didn’t think that theory made any sense.

Chance and Rey talked about the case. Rey had enough evidence to bring Billy down to the station, but he wasn’t going to bring anyone in until he had a solid case. Adam hallucinated a young version of himself and argued with his childhood self about whether he belonged in the mental hospital and about whether Victor was to blame. Victor visited and tried in vain to convince Adam that this treatment would heal him. Victor saw Adam arguing with young Adam and called in an orderly. Adam fought the orderlies, but they overpowered him and strapped him to the bed. When Adam was alone, he hallucinated Chelsea telling him to come home to her and Connor. Sally talked to her sister and made her job sound busier and more fulfilling than it really was.

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