Y&R Short Recap Thursday, November 12, 2020

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Recap written by Eva

Phyllis figured out that Faith has a hangover and she has a talk with Faith. Faith admits she had Vodka and pineapple juice at her friend Jordan’s house. Faith explains that it was the first time that she had a drink. Faith begs Phyllis not to tell Nick because it could ruin the close relationship between her and her father. Phyllis tries to tell Nick about Faith twice, but they start talking about other things and then Nick leaves. Chance tells Rey that Adam didn’t shoot him he was shot protecting Adam from being shot. Paul tells Victor that Adam kidnapped Chelsea because she saw blueprints of Newman Tower on his computer and Chelsea thought he was going to try and hurt the Newman family. Rey suspects Chelsea shot Adam, but Adam tells him Chelsea would never shoot the father of her child. Rey offers to put Chelsea in protective custody at first she turns down his offer but later decides to go into protective custody and sends a text to Rey. Chelsea is about to leave the house when she is startled by Adam. Chance seems to be doing well but he suddenly has trouble breathing and Abby screams for someone to help him.

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