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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Claire talked to Jan about kissing Theo. She said it was embarrassing how she kissed him, but it made her realize that she could have a shot with Charlie. She told her what happened when she went to see Charlie. Charlie talked to Xander about Claire showed up at the office. He wanted to know if he told her about kissing the other guy, but he didn’t tell her. Belle told Philip how Jan still intended to press charges against him. She suggested he plead guilty and wouldn’t get any jail time. He would only have probation. He didn’t want to take the deal. He wanted to go to trial. She said the deal was a good one. He thought Xander was going to use the case against him. She warned him the case would be long and destroy his life. He was fine with it, but she didn’t think Shawn would like it. Theo talked to Lani and Abe about what happened with Claire. Claire told Jan how she hadn’t heard from Charlie. Jan insisted that she go after Charlie. Sarah went to Xander’s office and told him how he was right about Philip. She thought he was hiding something.

Charlie showed up while Claire and Jan were talking. Jan asked him why he blew Claire off. He said it was because he was kissing a new guy. Lani told Abe and Theo how she worked things out with Eli because of what happened with Kristen. Abe thought about his last conversation about that with Eli. Claire was surprised that Charlie knew she kissed Theo. She asked if he was spying on her. He explained the advice he got from Xander. He told her what happened when he saw her kissing someone else. Jan kept getting involved until her phone rang. She was upset by her phone call. Belle went to Shawn and told him how Philip was her former client. She said he took the plea deal. Xander told Sarah how Philip shifted money around without telling him. She asked him what he thought that meant. Claire told Charlie what happened with Theo. He wanted to know why she didn’t tell him what happened. Xander continued to talk to Sarah about Philip. Philip was jogging and someone was following him. Belle assured Shawn that she loved him. She got down on one knee and proposed to him.

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