B&B Short Recap Monday, November 9, 2020

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Recap written by Suzanne

At Forrester Creations, Steffy and Hope are having an uncomfortable conversation about how much time Liam has been spending with Steffy and Kelly, but Hope assures her that she’s fine with it. Just then, Liam barges in, clearly very upset. He tells them about Thomas’ mannequin and how creepy it is. Both women are clearly stunned, but they present plausible reasons why Thomas has the mannequin. Liam can’t believe that they don’t get that Thomas is going crazy and obsessive again. Hope gets hysterical as they argue about Thomas and lets slip that she’s hired him back for Hope For the Future. Liam is shocked to hear that. Hope yells at Liam about how Thomas has changed and has been acting normal at work lately. She accuses Liam of inciting Thomas. Hope then storms out to tell Thomas herself what she told Liam. Steffy keeps making faces as they argue. After Hope leaves, Steffy is on the phone. Then she, too, sticks up for Thomas. Liam points out the ways that Thomas has been manipulative lately, including trying to turn him and Finn against each other. Steffy wants to believe that Thomas learned from his mistakes and isn’t focused on Hope any longer. Liam points out that Thomas is a good liar and manipulator. He concludes that something is wrong with Thomas and that he should be getting the help he needs. He thinks both she and Hope have a blind spot when it comes to Thomas. He says having a Hope mannequin proves that he’s obsessed.

At home, Thomas is having headaches and blurred vision. He’s hallucinating that the Hope mannequin is telling him to save Hope by killing Liam. He demands to know who or what she is. She says that he knows who she is. He agrees when she says that Liam is selfish and has divided feelings. He sees her talking with Hope’s mouth and face. The Hope mannequin keeps trying to get Thomas to kill Liam, so that he can have Hope. Hope knocks on the door, so he hides the mannequin. She bursts in, and Thomas comes back out. He wonders why she’s there. She tells him that she found out Liam confronted him and that it wasn’t OK. Thomas has more headaches, so she asks if he’s okay. Thomas knows that she’s heard about the mannequin from Liam. He explains that when he saw the mannequin, he knew it would make him a better designer. The mannequin inspires him, he claims. She asks to see it, so he brings it out. Thomas sets it down, and Hope looks at it up close. She circles it slowly. As Hope looks at the mannequin, which is much taller than her, Thomas hears the Hope mannequin tell him to take Hope now because she wants him.

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