Y&R Short Recap Wednesday, November 11, 2020

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Recap written by Eva

Chelsea tells Rey she thinks Adam kidnapped her to keep her from telling the police that she saw blueprints for Newman Tower with an x mark in a particular spot. Adam is worried about Chance’s condition and blames himself for the whole situation. Sharon and Lily talk about their cancer experiences and tell each other how grateful they are that they are free of cancer. Billy goes to the hospital since a source told him that Adam is a suspect in Chance’s shooting. He wants to make this the second part of the “Making of a Monster” story. Abby knows what Billy is trying to do and begs him not to use his family connection to exploit Chance’s situation right now. Billy later tells Lily that he realized how much pain Abby was in and writing the story would only cause her more pain. Lily is happy because she thinks Billy has finally learned that there are innocent people involved in the stories they write and that they must be more careful with their stories. Billy tells Lily that he will find something else that Adam has done and make that the second part of the “Making of a Monster” story. Abby keeps vigil at Chance’s bedside and after a long wait Abby is thrilled when Chance finally awakens.

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