Days Short Recaps Wednesday, November 11, 2020

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Abby told Gwen how Jack blamed her for what happened with Jennifer. Gwen assured her that she would be there for her. Jake wanted to convince Kate to sneak around with him. She thought about it when Chad showed up. Jake hid so she let him in the room. He wanted to talk about Abby. Abby told Gwen how her parents were supposed to celebrate the strength of their marriage, but she messed it up. Claire and Theo kissed and Charlie saw them. He walked away before they could see him. Xander tried to tell Victor how Philip transferred money to another company. Victor said he would handle it. Chad thought Abby would have gone to her room to confront her. She mentioned how Abby went through her things and blurted her business out to people. He let her know he had no way of reaching her. Gwen tried to make Abby feel better about what she did. Victor called Philip to find out what he was doing. Xander was investigating Philip when Charlie arrived. He told him how Claire kissed another guy. Philip denied doing anything wrong. Victor thought he was embezzling money. He explained what he did. He realized Xander was the one who told him. Xander thought Charlie still had a chance to get Claire. He thought he should give up on her. Claire thought she and Theo could be together. She wanted to move with him. Chad wanted to know how Kate could sleep with Jack. She explained the situation to him. Jake told Gwen how he believed she was responsible for what happened with Jack and Jennifer.

Gwen left the room after talking to Jake. Abby arrived and they talked about what happened. He asked her how she found the letter. Theo told Claire how he was seeing someone. She thought she would be alone. She did tell him how she was talking to someone. Xander continued to talk to Charlie about not giving up on Claire. Claire was afraid she would screw up her relationship with Charlie. Chad didn’t want Kate to blame Abby for what she did with Jack. He wanted to know why she kept the letter. She said it was in a box and she thought it would be safe in her house. Abby admitted that she was looking for shoes in Kate’s closet and accidentally found it. Jake thought it was weird how Kate would let her go through her things when she had the letter. Abby admitted that Gwen suggested she borrow the shoes from Kate. She thought he was trying to warn her about Kate again. She didn’t want to hear him talk about Gwen. Gwen saw them together and went to find Chad. She told him how Abby was home.

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