Days Short Recap Wednesday, November 4, 2020

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Tripp told Steve he couldn’t be Henry’s father. He said the results had to be wrong. They talked about Kayla doing the test again. Steve said Allie could have learned how to switch DNA from Sami. Kayla said she ran the test three times and they all came back positive. She said he and Henry matched. She said only the baby’s father could match like that. Tripp defended himself to Kayla. She said the tests didn’t lie. He asked if she was saying that he lied. He denied being with Allie. Kayla said she wanted to believe him. Tripp asked Steve if he believed he was a rapist. Steve told him to look in his eye and swear he was telling the truth. He did it. Steve said they would find out what was going on. Tripp wanted to know how they were going to fix it. Steve told him he was his father and would get to the bottom of it. Allie told Nicole about the DNA test. Allie said Tripp was a match for Henry. Nicole wanted to know why Allie looked upset. Allie said Tripp wanted Kayla to run the results again. She said she couldn’t understand why he kept saying he was innocent when the test proved that he wasn’t. Kayla called Allie and asked her to come to the hospital.

Eli went to see Brady to talk. They went back and forth over what Eli did to Kristen. Eli wanted to make sure Brady kept his promise not to tell Lani what he did. Brady said he had nothing to lose and thought Lani deserved to know what he did to her best friend. Lani showed up. Eli begged him not to tell Lani the truth. Brady let Lani inside. She wondered why Eli was there. Brady told Lani Eli wanted to check on him. Eli said he wasn’t feeling well. She helped Eli leave the room. She told Brady to give Kristen her love. Brady was upset when they left. Brady told Kristen’s picture that he was going to make Eli pay by exposing him. Allie and Nicole went to see Kayla at the hospital. Kayla said the new test results proved she was right about Tripp being Henry’s father. Kayla wanted to know what she wanted to do. Nicole told Allie that she would support her. Allie said she had to stop Tripp from hurting another girl.

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