Y&R Short Recap Wednesday, November 4 2020

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Recap written by Christine

Faith secretly went to the unsupervised pool party with Jordan, but she felt uncomfortable, and she overheard someone calling her a loser, so she left. Sharon felt great and optimistic about life, so she did a shift at Crimson Lights. Sharon and Mariah asked Faith why she’d left the sleepover at Jordan’s. Faith claimed she just wanted to be at home. Mariah was concerned Faith wasn’t telling the whole story and assured Faith that she could confide in her. Faith maintained that she was fine. Rey, Sharon and Mariah planned the wedding. Sharon worked to get Faith involved in it too. Faith got a nasty text from a kid at the party. When Jordan texted to see where Faith was, Faith said Sharon needed her to come home. Chelsea found out Adam had been looking at schematics for Newman Tower, and there was an X on it marking the CEO’s office. She was scared he was going to do something to damage the building or the people inside. He saw no point in defending himself, since she’d come to the worst conclusion no matter what he said. She urged him to think about what this would do to Connor. After Chelsea left, Adam made a call and asked instructed someone to do something for him. Young Adam warned Adam that what he was about to do would be the worst thing he’d ever done. Adam felt that everything that happened in the past had been leading up to this moment. Chloe and Chelsea discussed Adam. Chloe thought Chelsea was right to leave him. Chelsea arranged to talk to Chance about Adam’s state of mind. Chloe invited Chelsea to join her family in the park. Chelsea said she had to stay and talk to Chance about a minor legal matter. While Chelsea was alone in the house, a man dressed in black showed up and kidnapped her. When Chance got there later, nobody answered the door. Chloe found a toy on the floor that Chelsea had been holding when she got kidnapped. Chloe was confused because she thought she’d picked up all the toys. She called Chelsea, who didn’t answer. Adam got a call letting him know things were taken care of.

Theo and Kyle had a conversation about Theo being excluded from the end of Dina’s life. Kyle did not feel sorry for Theo, because he’d learned the hard way not to trust Theo. Sally Spectra, who was new in town, met Summer and Jack. Sally ran into Theo, and it turned out they knew each other when they both lived in NY. Theo invited Sally out to dinner. Summer warned Sally not to go, because Theo was no good. Sally said she could handle guys like Theo, but Summer said to trust her. Sally met with Lauren. Lauren and Sally’s great aunt went way back. Lauren had been watching Sally’s career and was impressed. Sally was in town because she was looking for a fresh start.

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