Days Short Recap Thursday, November 5, 2020

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Jack talked to Justin about the party. He mentioned how the day was special to him and Adrienne too. Justin understood because he wouldn’t be the life of the party. Jack thought there was another reason. Jennifer was that Bonnie told her how Justin forgave her for everything. She reminded Bonnie about the things she did. She didn’t want her to get her hopes up about anything happening with Justin. JJ surprised Abby when he was back for the party. JJ thanked Gwen for getting him back to Salem. Gwen walked out of the room. She was ready to give Abby a real surprise. Chad wanted to invite Kate to the party, but she tried to get out of it. Jake bailed Ben out of jail and offered his place to her. Ben said he would think of Ciara regardless of where he was living. Abby was grateful that the family was getting their lives back together. Justin wanted to know what Jack meant by his comment. He said Steve and Kayla would have been at the party. Justin told him how he forgave Bonnie and wondered how Adrienne would feel about that. Bonnie told Jennifer how Justin forgave her because she gave her royalties to Sonny’s program. Jack was upset that Justin forgave Bonnie after everything she did. Justin was tired of being angry all of the time because it wouldn’t bring Adrienne back to him. Ben told Jake about what happened with Vincent. He was convinced Vincent wanted him to think Ciara was gone.

Chad went back to the mansion and was surprised to see JJ. Abby wanted Chad to help JJ get ready, but he wanted to talk to Abby first. Jake offered Ben his job back at the garage to help him out. Ben thought it was a good idea. Abby wasn’t happy that Chad invited Kate to the party. She reminded him how her parents didn’t like her, but he convinced her it would be fine. She gave in to Chad. Gwen went to Kate’s room to check something in her box. Jake and Kate ran into each other in the town square. They talked about the party Gwen planned for Jack and Jennifer. Gwen hid Abby’s shoes under the couch. Abby told her how her shoes were missing and she suggested going to Kate’s room to get a pair. Justin ran into Bonnie. She offered to have a beer with him, but he wasn’t interested. He was willing to meet her another time. Kate invited Jake to the party. JJ surprised his parents. He told them how Gwen arranged for him to be there. Gwen went to Kate’s room to get the shoes. Gwen dropped Kate’s letters and Abby picked one up. She was upset about.

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