Y&R Short Recap Thursday, November 5, 2020

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Recap written by Eva

Sally gets a job as Lauren’s assistant because she tells Lauren she just wants to get her foot in the door in order to make a fresh start, but she really isn’t happy with the job and wants something better. Dina’s will is read and her money is split between her three children with instructions to use it to do good in the world. Ashley begins to research charities that could use the money Dina left to them. Abby is given Dina’s apartment in Paris with instructions to use it as often as possible. Kyle is given Dina’s art collection with instructions to sell some of it but keep the paintings that he enjoys the most so he can remember there is more to life than work. Dina leaves Theo’s father a pen that belonged to his father Stuart but since Theo’s father has passed-away, Theo is given the pen. Theo later runs into Sally at Crimson Lights and says he feels cheated because Dina didn’t leave him any money. Chance and Chloe suspect that Adam kidnapped Chelsea after they both get a strange text message from Chelsea that Chloe is sure was written by Adam. Chance questions Adam and he grows more suspicious of him because he doesn’t seem worried about Chelsea. Chance warns Adam that if he finds evidence that he kidnaped Chelsea he will make sure he is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Chelsea wakes up in a small dark room with a bed and some water she tries her best to get out but she is unable to get out. The water makes her dizzy and she falls on top of the bed unconscious.

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