Days Short Recap Tuesday, November 3, 2020

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Allie was talking to Tripp and didn’t understand what he was trying to deny what he did. She also didn’t understand why he would agree to submit to a DNA test to prove his guilt. He denied that he agreed to the test. She told him how Kayla got the test results. He realized that no one believed him. He said Kayla wasn’t getting away with what she did. Vincent told Shawn and Ben how Ciara asked for mercy when he was going to kill her. He thought about what Ben did to Wendy and shot her. Chad and Abby talked about how Hope left town to look for Ciara. She admitted that she felt sorry for Ben. Chad was surprised after what he did to her. Jake overheard Gwen talking on the phone and she admitted she was planning a surprise for Jack and Jennifer. She thought he was obsessed with her. He said he didn’t care about her. He was worried about Abby. Shawn and Ben were at the station. Ben thought Vincent was going to tell them Ciara was alive. He was about to leave, but Shawn said he had to arrest him. Kayla called Allie to tell her about the test results. Steve ran into Tripp so he could tell him something, but he beat him to it. Steve said he wanted to tell him the truth himself. He wanted to know how she did it. Steve admitted it was his idea for her to test his toothbrush. Trip was surprised he did that because he thought he believed him. He said he did believe him. He wanted to prove he was telling the truth. Allie arrived at the hospital to see the test results. Kayla admitted that Tripp didn’t know about the test. Allie told her how Tripp knew about it. Gwen told Jake how Abby trusted her. He called her out for her fake behavior. Gwen thought he was in love with Abby.


Shawn told Ben what he did for why he had to get arrested. He was okay with it. Shawn read him his rights. Steve apologized for not telling Tripp the truth. He wanted to know when the results would be ready. He said Kayla had them. Allie wanted to know if Kayla believed him. She didn’t give her an answer. She didn’t think there was a point to ask family to pick sides. Kayla wanted to wait for the test results. Abby talked to Chad about Rolf’s plan to clone Stefano. He was surprised Rolf would do that. Abby let him know that Gwen was going above and beyond for them. Gwen and Jake argued about whether he wanted to sleep with Abby. Kate overheard him talking about not wanting to sleep with Abby or Gwen. Tripp and Steve arrived at the hospital. He and Allie wanted to find out the test results. Ben apologized to Shawn for the way he spoke to him when he was grieving Ciara’s death too. Shawn talked to him about what Ciara meant to him. He knew Ben and Ciara loved each other. He didn’t know how to live without her because she was everything to him. Kayla told Tripp that he was the father of the baby. Shawn advised Ben to keep going with his life because Ciara would want it. Kate wanted to know what Jake meant by wanting to sleep with someone else at the mansion. He wouldn’t tell her who he wanted. Abby considered postponing the party, but Gwen got upset. Abby was a little suspicious so Gwen had to cover herself. Kayla told everyone that Tripp is the father of Allie’s baby.

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