Y&R Short Recap Monday, November 2 2020

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Recap written by Christine

It was the day of Dina’s memorial. Lola told Kyle she lit a candle for Dina. Summer bristled when she saw Kyle and Lola at Crimson Lights. Lola explained it was innocent and shared her opinion that Summer was throwing away the best thing to ever happen to her. Summer told her to mind her own business. Lola felt that Summer should remember that this day was about Dina. Kyle and Summer agreed to set their issues aside and focus on Dina. Summer and Kyle rode to the church together. Traci and Ashley reminisced about Dina. Jack assured Theo he was welcome at the memorial. Theo was concerned about Kyle’s viewpoint, but Jack said Kyle had to respect Theo’s place in the family. Theo commented on the emerald accessories that Jack made for everyone but him. Jack explained that he only included those who were there the night Dina died. He never meant to exclude Theo and wished Theo had been there that night.

Chance supported Abby on this difficult day. He was going to take off work, to be with her, but she urged him to go. Ashley talked with Chance and was impressed. She told Abby he was the real deal. Theo livened up the memorial celebration, just like Dina wanted. He played an old song that was one of Dina’s favorites. Jack, Traci, Ashley, Abby and Lola loved it. Kyle sulked and tried to confront Theo, but Jack wouldn’t let him. Kyle ran out, and Summer followed him. He told her that he felt like the Abbotts were pushing him out. She told him he was being absurd. He didn’t understand why his family fell for Theo’s tricks. She told him that everyone saw Theo’s scam.

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