Y&R Short Recap Tuesday, November 3 2020

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Recap written by Eva

Faith’s new friend Jordan persuades her to go to a pool party with a group from school that is two years older than her so Faith tells Sharon she is spending the night at Jordan’s house. Nick helps Phyllis and Victoria make peace and they both plan a party at the Grand Phoenix to impress some Newman Enterprises clients that are coming into town for a business roundtable. Summer can’t concentrate on Jabot business because her relationship with Kyle is in limbo. Kyle tells Summer to take some time and then get her head back on Jabot because their personal relationship is dead and buried.

Sally Spectra arrives at the Jabot office and asks Summer for help because she is lost in the big building. Victor asks Chelsea to find out Adam’s plans for revenge against the Newman family and then to him the plans so he can be ready to fight them and protect his family. Chelsea wants Victor to help him spend more time with Johnny so she can get to know him better and Victor agrees to help with Johnny if Chelsea can get Adam’s plans.

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