Days Short Recap Thursday, October 29, 2020

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Kate shot Clyde when he tried to come near her. Abe showed up and saw her with her gun. Ben assured Eli that he would let him know the second he heard from Clyde. Eli was upset that he kept quiet about his father coming to see him. He wasn’t sure if he believed he would tell him anything. Kayla told Rolf that he couldn’t pull off his plan to have her give birth to Stefano but he was sure he could do it. She refused to help him and tried to get out of the lab. Abe tried to talk Kate out of pointing the gun on Clyde. Kate wanted him to spend the rest of his life in prison. The police were on their way so Abe told her that she might get her wish. Rolf told Kayla how he gave her a drug so she couldn’t move. He said it would make it easy for him to inject her. Steve showed up at the lab and beat Rolf up. Kate took Henry to Allie. Nicole wanted to know how she was able to get Henry away from Kate. She explained how it happened. Eli told Ben how Clyde was shot. Ben wanted to see him. Eli went into the interrogation room and gave Rolf his phone to make a call. He called Gwen and told her to meet him at the station. If she didn’t, he planned on telling the police about her.

Gwen lied to Chad and Abby about where she was going. Kayla snapped at Steve when he wanted to give her something to drink. She apologized, but she couldn’t remember what Rolf did to her. Kate thanked Nicole for helping Allie when she couldn’t turn to her family. Kate told Allie that she knew what happened to her. Kayla talked to Steve about feeling helpless after what Rolf did to her. She felt the same way she did when she was raped. Chad wanted to stay up and wait for Gwen. Abby asked him why he wanted to wait for her. He said he a letter opener wouldn’t have cut through the thick rope. He noticed how nervous she got when her phone rang. Rolf was happy to see Gwen at the station. He wanted to know how she was going to get him our. She didn’t know how she would pull it off. He warned her that he would tell what she was doing to Abby. Chad continued to talk about his suspicions to Abby, but she didn’t think she was suspicious. Kayla told Steve how she was reminded about the rape and that’s why Tripp’s situation was hard for her. She wanted to know what would happen if he was the one who raped her. Ben saw Clyde told him how he was going back to prison and could have Vincent killed. Ben wanted to kill him with his own hands. Steve said he would have to deal with it if Tripp was the one who raped Allie.

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