Y&R Short Recap Thursday, October 29, 2020

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Recap written by Eva

Chance tells Adam that he is back on the police force and Adam tells Chance that Chelsea  left him and it is best that  she and Connor not be around him right now.    Adam has .ca meeting with   Nick and Victoria and tells them he  will no longer be a part of the Newman family.  Nick and Victoria suspect that Adam is up to something but they don’t know what it is yet. Theo feels left out of the  family when Jack invites him to the family meeting to plan Asia’s memorial service and nobody likes his ideas. Theo also notices everyone is wearing jewelry made from the stones in the emerald necklace but nobody thought to make him a piece of jewelry.  Chloe thinks that Chelsea should use an alias to get investors for her  new clothing line.  Chelsea gets so upset  that Chloe is glad she  left Adam that she gets up to leave the meeting and as she is walking away she passes out.   Adam meets with Victor  and shows him the papers that prove he has legally changed his name to Adam Wilson.

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