B&B Short Recap Monday, October 5, 2020

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Recap written by Suzanne

At Forrester, Katie tells Ridge that he didn’t really marry Shauna in Vegas; that Shauna is the one who texted Carter, not him. Ridge has a hard time believing that Shauna would do this, but Katie points out that Quinn is behind it. Katie tells Forrester the exact words that she overheard, especially from Quinn. She points out that Brooke is still his wife and that Shaun and Quinn have kept them apart. Also at Forrester, Carter prepares to officiate at Ridge and Shauna’s wedding. Zoe can tell that he’s not too enthusiastic about it. He doesn’t think that Ridge is very invested in the wedding. Zoe praises the fact that the Forresters have so much confidence in Carter to have him marrying them and because they promoted him to COO. She thinks they should celebrate later.

Donna tries to stop Brooke from rushing over to stop the wedding. She wants her to think first about whether Ridge really wants to marry Shauna. Brooke knows that Quinn and Shauna are behind this. She admits that she has no proof, but she knows that Ridge hasn’t been acting like himself. She refuses to let the two women get away with this. Donna is worried that if Brooke rushes over there, that it will be even more painful for her. Brooke goes on and on about how Quinn and Shauna manipulated Ridge. Donna finally agrees that Brooke should go fight for her man. Brooke leaves to do just that.  At home, Eric admires Quinn’s wedding preparations. He tells her that he spoke with Thomas, who checked in on Steffy (who’s doing better). Quinn is glad to hear it and wonders if Eric is any more accepting of Ridge and Shauna’s marriage. Eric admits that if it’s what Ridge wants, then he could do worse. Carter and Zoe show up. When Quinn asks if he has a special ceremony planned, Carter says that he thinks Ridge still loves Brooke and always will. Quinn doesn’t want to hear it and argues about it. Carter agrees that he doesn’t have a problem with officiating. Quinn suggests that Carter and Zoe have a drink on the terrace while they wait. Meanwhile, at Spencer, Flo and Wyatt admire how great each other looks, all dressed up for the wedding. They reminisce about seeing each other at Bikini after all these years and look forward to seeing the happiness on Shauna’s face. Flo gets a little choked up at the idea. Quinn texts Wyatt to ask where he is, so they get ready to go. Wyatt and Flo arrive at the Forrester mansion. Quinn is ecstatic about her friend finally finding happiness. Eric tells her that she looks radiant. Quinn tells them how happy she is and how lucky they both are to be married to Forresters. They all go out to the terrace. Quinn stays behind and looks up at her portrait on the wall. Brooke comes in and tells Shauna that she’s going to stop this wedding.

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