Y&R Short Recap Wednesday, October 28, 2020

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Recap written by Eva

Abby worries that Chance will spend too much time at the police station if he gets the job as detective. Paul tells Chance he has the job as detective, but he is under a probationary period. Chase later shares the good news with Abby who hides the fact that she is worried about his new job. Summer struggles with her insecurity about Kyle and Lola but despite her insecurity she decides to talk to Kyle and try to work things out with him. Kyle talks to Jack who helps him realize that Summer has every reason to doubt his feelings for her. Kyle tells Summer he understands how she feels and admits that he is confused about his feelings and that she made the right decision when she left before they eloped. Elena is also struggling with what man she wants Nate or Devon and Amanda is the only one who tells her not to ask for Devon’s forgiveness until she decides if she wants him back in her life. Amanda tells Devon that the private investigator told her that he has spoken to all of her mother’s neighbors and none of them remember seeing her pregnant but remember that she suddenly showed up with a baby girl. Amanda tells Elena that she is sorry because she feels she is to blame for her break-up with Devon but Elena tells her that she has nothing to apologize for because it wasn’t her fault. Amanda thinks that Elena doesn’t know if she wants to be with Devon or Nate. Summer tells Kyle she is confused about what she wants and Kyle wishes that they would have talked about her doubts before because he doesn’t think he can handle being rejected by her again.

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