Days Short Recap Wednesday, October 28, 2020

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Orpheus warned John that Marlena better have his son or he was going to have Henry killed. Marlena showed up with Christian. He wasn’t happy about being taken out of Bayview. He told his father how he was doing so much better at Bayview than he was in prison. Orpheus wanted to help him get his son. Kate ran into Clyde and wanted to call the police. She realized that he had Henry. Rolf told Kayla how he planned on cloning a new Stefano. Steve asked security whether they’ve seen Kayla. He talked to Roman about the prisoners being out and taking Kayla. Roman was sure they left town. Kayla told Rolf she felt sad for him for feeling like he had to cling to Stefano. He said her plan wasn’t going to work. He wanted to achieve his goal. He told her how she was going to help him create the clone. Kate demanded that Clyde give her the baby. He told her to throw her phone in the bushes. She wanted to know why he kidnapped the baby. She was willing to pay the ransom. Orpheus wanted Christian to go with him and he would see David. He planned on killing Henry if he didn’t go with him. Christian wanted to know if he could really keep them safe. He promised his on he would, but he had to take care of John and Marlena first.

Steve and Roman looked at the security footage and realized that Rolf took Kayla. Kayla refused to help Rolf with his plan. John wanted to give Orpheus money since he didn’t plan on honoring his deal with Marlena. Clyde warned Kate that Henry could be hit in the crossfire if the police came after him. Kate offered to be a hostage. He didn’t think she would make Ben feel better. She was willing to make him feel better. He thought Henry was more valuable than she was to him. Steve wanted to call Chad because he felt that Rolf kidnapped Kayla because of Stefano. Kayla warned Rolf that Steve would be after him. Orpheus heard the sirens and warned Marlena and John that he wouldn’t give them Henry if he got arrested again. He told John to tie up Marlena and he would tie him up. Christian hit Orpheus in the head with a paint can. He told John and Marlena that he pretended to go along with his father so he wouldn’t hurt them or Henry. Steve told Roman about his conversation with Chad. Kayla told Rolf he needed to give up on his plan and turn himself in. He refused to do that. He said he would do it on his own. He picked up a needle. Kayla tried to keep him from injecting her. She said she felt sorry for her. She told him to run now because she understood him. He demanded an answer from her. Kate said she had a pacifier in her pocketbook, but pulled a gun out on Clyde. Rolf told Kayla he was planting the embryo in her. Kate shot Clyde.

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