Days Short Recap Tuesday, October 27, 2020

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Allie and Nicole panicked when they realized that Henry was gone. Allie realized the repair guy was the one who took him. Orpheus told John how his associate took Marlena’s great grandson. John didn’t think he would be that cruel to take the child. Orpheus told him to call Allie if he didn’t believe her. He called her and she told him what happened to Henry. He asked her if she called the police. Marlena went to Bayview to have Christian released from Bayview. Dr. Morris said it would take time to have him released, but she needed it done immediately. Lucas told Kate how about Allie getting raped. He blamed himself, but she tried to make him feel better. He felt he should have protected her. He thought he could have prevented the entire thing. He was upset that Allie had a constant reminder of the rape because of Henry. Allie told Nicole how she let a stranger in their home during a prison break. Lani showed up to get details about Henry. Eli questioned Ben about whether Clyde came back. Eli wanted to search his place for Clyde. Dr. Morris told Marlena that Christian was better off at Bayview the same way Claire was. She didn’t want her compared to Christian. He wanted to talk with the other board members and get back to her the next day, but she refused to leave. Dr. Morris finally gave in to her, but she said that she took care of everything and needed Christian.

John demanded that Orpheus get Henry. He assured him that Henry would be safe as long as Marlena did what he wanted. Clyde didn’t want to keep babysitting Henry because he wanted to check on Ben. Ben thought Eli was going to find the gun. Kate hoped Allie’s rapist paid for what he did. Lucas told her he didn’t and he let her know it was Tripp who did it. Lani told Allie about everyone involved in the blackout. John wanted to see Henry and Marlena. Orpheus assured him that Henry would be okay as long as Marlena did what he wanted. He told John what he wanted her to do. The doctor brought Christian to Marlena, but he refused to be with her. Ben didn’t want Eli to keep searching his room. Eli told him that Lani got a tip about Clyde being spotted in the area. Lani called Eli to tell him about Clyde taking Allie’s baby. Eli wanted to know if he lied to him and was protecting his father. Christian wanted answers from Marlena about her getting him out of Bayview. She told him about Orpheus’ plan, but he wouldn’t go along with it. Nicole tried to make Allie feel better about Henry being missing. Allie regretted the time she lost with Henry. Ben admitted that Clyde was with him earlier. Eli demanded to know why he did tell him the truth when he was there earlier. Orpheus warned John that there were instructions to kill Henry if something happened to him. He wanted John to give him the gun. Marlena told Christian what happened with Orpheus. Ben felt bad about what he did and hoped nothing happened to Henry. Eli was taking Ben to the station. Kate ran into Clyde at the park and saw him with Henry.

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