Y&R Short Recap Monday, October 26, 2020

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Recap written by Christine

Kevin told Lily that the article made it hard for Chelsea’s company. Someone tried to break into Victoria’s house while the kids were inside with the nanny, and she and Billy thought it was Adam. Billy wanted to do another article on Adam even though he had no proof of any more wrongdoing by Adam. Victoria urged Billy to let go of the revenge, for his own mental health. Billy contacted Alyssa about a second article, but she had no interest in it. Lily sided with Victoria on the second article. Lily and Billy admitted that they wanted to kiss, but they agreed it’d be a bad idea, because they were co-CEOs and friends. Kevin ran into Adam and gloated about his misfortune. Adam warned that Kevin wouldn’t be cocky for long. Chelsea told Chloe that the last remaining sponsor pulled out of her new fashion line because of the article, stalling Chelsea’s plan for a launch. Chelsea confided that she broke up with Adam. She knew in her head she was better off, but she didn’t feel it in her heart yet. She worried about what to tell Connor, and Chloe offered support. Chelsea had a headache, but she said it was nothing to be concerned about. Adam showed up wanting to talk to Chelsea, but she gave him the brush off and left. Chloe and Adam rehashed the things they did to each other. She felt that he hadn’t changed, and she vowed to make sure Chelsea continued to remember she was too good for him.

Esther threatened to throw Gloria out if she caused trouble for Chloe and Kevin. Gloria retrieved the flash drive from the jar on the shelf where she hidden it, and she put it in a new hiding place, in a box on a table. Kevin overheard Gloria arguing with someone on the phone. He confronted her, and he didn’t believe her explanation, so she got fed up and decided to leave. Kevin was concerned for his mom, but he worried whatever trouble she was in would put Chloe and the kids at risk, so he thought it was best that she go. Gloria left, and she didn’t take the flash drive with her. Victoria asked Chelsea if she tried to break in to see Johnny. Chelsea denied it. Chelsea clarified that she wanted to see Johnny, but she wasn’t trying to take him away from Victoria. Victoria wondered if Adam had tried to break in for Chelsea. Chelsea said she and Adam broke up. Rey spotted the person Adam hired to follow him. Adam arranged to have a new person tail Rey. Billy accused Adam of trying to break into Victoria’s house. Adam denied it. Adam said he’d never hurt Chelsea’s son. Billy’s temper flared and he said Victoria was Johnny’s mother. Chelsea overheard Billy and Adam talking about Delia. Adam said that Billy was harassing him because he couldn’t get over Delia no matter how sorry Adam was and no matter how many times he’d begged forgiveness. Billy warned Adam not to come near his children again.

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