B&B Short Recap Monday, October 27, 2020

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Recap written by Suzanne

In the morning, Thomas walks into his living room and tries to see if the mannequin Hope really does talk. He says to himself that he must be crazy and decides to leave, to clear his head. As he touches the doorknow, he hears the Hope doll say, “Thomas…wait! Don’t go!”  He goes back to the mannequin, daring it to talk again, but it doesn’t.  Meanwhile, at Forrester, Zende thinks back to the previous day when Carter and Zoe were leaving for a special evening.  Hope arrives and is happy to see him at work with a good attitude. She wants to go over his designs and wonders where Zoe is, for her input. He says that he doesn’t know. They start talking about his designs.  Thomas comes in and tells them what needs to be fixed. Zende leaves, so Thomas tells Hope that she needs him because of his experience. Hope informs him that she doesn’t want to add someone else into the mix. She’s happy with the team she has now.  Thomas keeps staring at her and seeing the mannequin. She asks why he keeps staring at her. He says that he’s just tired and lonely. He jokes that he should probably get a dog.  As he’s about to leave, he hears Hope say the same thing that he heard the mannequin say.  He asks Hope if she said anything, but she didn’t. He looks worried that he’s losing his mind.

Zoe walks downstairs in Carter’s place wearing only his shirt. He admires her in it. They had a good night together. He hopes they can have more. She’s happy to be served breakfast. He lets on that he’s a great cook, since he’s been a bachelor for a long while.  Zoe tells him that she’s really into him, but she’s not ready to move in yet.  She goes to work. Zende tells her that he was thinking about her.  He sees that his phone never delivered the text he sent to her, telling her not to get together with Carter. He gets upset, realizing that he messed up.  At Spencer, Flo watches Wyatt wheeling and dealing over the phone. She tells him that he’s “cute,” but he only wants to hear that he’s rugged, manly and a ruthless negotiator. Flo says that she’s lucky that he loves her.  They talk about the disaster created by their moms.  Just as Flo wonders how Quinn is doing, Quinn walks in. She chastises Wyatt for giving her the silent treatment. Quinn admits that what happened was her fault.  She tells Wyatt that it’s OK for him to yell at her. He doesn’t know what she was thinking, going back to her old devious ways.  She protests that she just wanted her friend to be as happy as she is. Wyatt gets her to admit that she also wanted Brooke out.

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